Monday, March 28, 2005

Sexy Legs - Animals Prints - Dramatic Colors

Legs are in this season, and the variety of colors and styles are dazzling. The new line from Stockingirl shows this trend.

Sheer purple rattlesnake stay up stockings as seen on the right, dramatize the legs.

"The reptile printed fishnet has been surprisingly successful", commented Edward Miccinati design director for Stockingirl. "We're offering them in opaque tights, opaque leggings, sheer-to-waist pantyhose, sheer thigh highs stockings, and on fishnet."

The printed blue pinwheel print fishnet stockings pictured on the left engross the legs and enhances any outfit. The electrifying varieties of colors draw immediate attention to the legs.

Snake and reptilian prints have shown to be a popular fashion statement this season - on and off the runways.

"Hosiery is not just looked at as a fantasy item or accessory any longer."

"Young girls and women are learning to see fashion leg wear not only as a highly wearable item, but an additional must-have apparel item to wear with their skirts, heels, and boots," says Edward Miccinati, design director for the line.

Because of Stockingirl's close relationship with top stylists and designers, the company will be introducing a number of authentic designer prints and patterns that will be featured on the runways for Heatherette, Baby Phat, Nicole Romano, Tamsen, Moschino, and Just Cavalli.

This season Stockingirl will come on strong by continuing its popular printed leg wear collections.

"We have only begun to show our creativity when it comes to the print market," remarks Miccinati. Stockingirl will carry over traditional styles, such as the well-received zebra sheer to the waist pantyhose, displayed above right, cheetah and ultra sheer tiger print stockings pictured below left.

Will be exploring updated re-colored animal print looks in varying patterns for 2005.

Regal baroque and floral patterns will also continue to be signature Stockingirl leg wear styles, while venturing into both bright and subtlety soft color palettes.

Patterning this upcoming season will in general be more feminine, more vivid, more intense, and more creative when it comes to overlaying and juxtaposing disparate motifs.

Paisley will be embossed over delicate floral and dotted and striped with stunning color mixes, chic phrases will be imprinted on a collage of cultural symbols and colorful swatches, such as the fancy lace top thigh highs stockings pictured below.

The embracing of rich colors, ethnic-inspired prints, ornate design and vivid washes will be the newest stylistic approach this upcoming season

Stockingirl continually proves that any color is the new black when in comes to leg wear.

Though the company's color palette is already extensive, offering 26 colors in key styles, there will be a number of new colors making their way into their hosiery line, including: plum, sea foam, clover, and differing shades of turquoise.

Luxurious silk stockings as seen above are part of this sexy, sensuous stocking line.

One thing is sure - legs this year will be more colorful and attention grabbing them every.

Leg wear is walking onto the scene everywhere: beneath boho skirts, stuffed in furry boots, peaking out of snake-skin stilettos, or paired with woolen legwarmers.

See more leg wear, stocking, pantyhose at Stockingirl web site.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Fire Eating - Live Boa - Hot Boots and Paris Hilton

No a boa did not eat Paris Hilton mobile phone, however performer, model and Las Vegas entertainer Maria Gara, AKA, The SnakeBabe did provide the snake for Paris Hilton controversial ad for Guess jeans.

SnakeBabe performing at the Fremont Hotel in Las Vegas.

Guess Jeans spared no expense for several two--page foldout ads featured in magazines such as In Style, Maxim and Vanity Fair showing Paris Hilton draped with one of the SankeBabe's large tamed snakes. The ad shows Paris Hilton laying on a bed wearing Guess jeans, with only the live snake for a top.

Guess's long trend of using sexy young models in alluring poses has often been the topic of controversy. The sexy ad photo is receiving extreme media exposure both here and abroad.

SnakeBabe (Maria Gara) posing with a large Boa.

Paris Hilton is not the only performer to hold SnakeBabe's reptiles, Marie has provided snakes for other Hollywood Hotties such as Shania Twain and Carmen Electra. Maria has shared her slithery serpents at parties with guests that included Pierce Brosnan, Leonardo Decaprio, David Spade, Robin Leach and the guys from Steely Dan.

When not performing her fire eating act, in one of the sexiest pair of red sparkling boots and hot pants outfits I've seen, with show biz hubby Steve August; Maria is busy rescuing reptiles from sure death and nursing them back to health at her Las Vegas rescue center. Once tamed, they go on to be held, petted and photographed with Hollywood's biggest stars.

SnakeBabe and Steve August have appeared on many top TV shows including Late Night w/David Letterman, Animal Planet, Ripley's Believe it or Not, The Learning Channel, as hosts of Comedy Central, and many other programs. They perform throughout Las Vegas, and take time from their busy schedule to perform educational shows for children.

In case you are wondering what Maria Gara, AKA, The SnakeBabe looks like when she is not performing or rescuing reptiles, well Maria could easily be featured as a bikini model as this photo of Maria in a micro brazilian string thong bikini proves.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I received so many nice e-mails about my Hot Shoe column last week, that I thought I would comment on another of my favorite shoe books, appropriately titled - Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.

This whimsical book fabulously displays the high heeled glamour of Andy Warhol's famed shoe drawings.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes collects the outrageous and bedazzling images of shoes - from spikes to boots to stilettos - that are some of Warhol's icon images.

Accompanied throughout by witty Warhol quotations, such as I decided that being a shoe salesman is a really sexy job, these forty drawings, prints, and watercolors demonstrate the Pop master's special talent for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The art has been culled from the archives of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and includes never before published rarities as well as popular prints from Warhol's heyday.

Warhol fans will want to try this book on for size, and will be amused by the dream of fantastically shod feet.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Green Beer - Green Teddy - Green As....

Well its St. Patrick day. I will be dazzling in my green lace thong, as I down my share of green beers.

This green eyelash lace thong teddy just add the right touch of sexy green to my outfit.

I adore the boa and robe and the sheer lycra back and low cut rear really bring out my best assets.

Well, I just hope my ass... doesn't become covered in green beer - like last year. But that a different story.

Anyway enjoy St. Patrick day. And toast one for me or maybe a kage or two.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Hot Shoes - Retro Shoes - Oh My Shoe Fetish

Today, I am on a shoe binge. I guest I do have a shoe fetish.


Anyway, I have acquired some great new posters for my boudoir wall.

I always believed that a woman's boudoir should be sensuous, inviting and seductive - all at the same time.

I just love the fantasy retro glamour work of Luis Royo. His drawings of woman are especially alluring.

Look at the details of the drawing.

The sensuality of the shoes - high heel shoes with lace ties in front. Sexy ankle lace.

Those sexy black nylons, the legs just spread apart, the lace up corset with the string falling off the shoulder, the woman's well formed cleavage and the hair.

I just love the unkempt feel of the hair.

And those haunting eyes. Inviting, captivating - beckoning.

Dance on top ot the roof

These woman teetering in high heels on a roof top edge are very symbolic.

I really love some of the fashions from the roaring 20s.

Flappers, bath tub gin - pole sitting.

It was a really crazy era, but still I find these notes cards carry a very powerful image.

Hot Shoes: One Hundred Years

Shoes, shoes, shoes one of my favorite sexy fashion accessory.

An now there is a book covering the subject of hot shoes.

With 500 original color photographs, and two dozen vintage illustrations, this book tells the real story of Hot Shoes: One Hundred Years.

These are the shoes real women wore, and loved enough to save.

You'll see designer shoes by the likes of David Evins and Palter De Liso, who were influenced by haute couture but marketed to the upper middle-class.

Since this is a book for collectors, you'll find a true cross-section of shoe design.

There are coquettish pumps from the French Room at Chandler's, jeweled platforms by Frank More of San Francisco, and early canvas high-button shoes by Keds.

Each photo caption includes a value range, and each photo is lavishly styled.

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Monday, March 7, 2005

Anna-Nicole Smith Topless - Floaty Chiffon Dresses

Anna-Nicole Smith topless at awards show in Sydney.

For all of you who feel that awards show lack sexiness and exuberancy, have no fear for Anna-Nicole Smith is here.

During her MTV award presentation, Anna-Nicole Smith pulled down the top of her pink and silver dress, exposing her 32DD size breasts.

Her nipples were covered by MTV stickers.

One wonders if she was charging them for the advertising space.

This could turn into a new type of fashion - advertising, don't you think???

As the band lead singer Daniel Johns went to receive the award from Anna-Nicole Smith, the half-clothed Smith jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist.

WOW - Now that some award!!!

For additional uncoverage and photos see Anna-Nicole Smith goes topless.

Sexy Fall Fashions - the Shows Continue

Short skirts, deep purples and blues, gypsy skirts, peasant blouses and floaty chiffon dresses comprise one of the sexier lines of fall outfits presented at Alessandro Dell'Acqua Collection in photos.

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Saturday, March 5, 2005

Sexy Vinyl Mini Skirt - Makeup Tips

I am going to really kick up my heels and dance through the night.

This vinyl demi stretch underwire dress with cutout back back and ruffle hem really shows off my great cleavage.

Boy, my boobies look fantastic - and I can really shake them.

I just love how the light radiates off the vinyl material, can't wait for the strobe light to undulate to the beat of the music.

This outfit really draws attention to my cleavage and firm legs.

I also love the matching vinyl G-string thong bikini panties.

I can put on my own show - just by bending over - watch out guys - here I come.

Hair - Makeup Guide

I really love this book by Doris Pooser because it focuses on the total look - hairstyle and color, care for skin and hair, and how to choose and apply makeup, all based on an individual unique coloring.

Her hair and makeup tips are all bases on the shape of the face and head.

It includes many color photo examples of real people to demonstrate facial shape and coloring types.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Low Cut Gowns - Cleavage and Glittery Red Stiletto Boots

Well, the ground hog was right - winter is still here. The snow is filling the streets again, and the wind is blowing - again.

Well, its time to put on the boots, - again.

I love these sparkling red, glittery boots.

The thigh high platform boots go so well under my high front split wrap skirt.

The guys really pay attention as they peak in and out from under the skirt.

And, when I cross my legs, and the skirt slowly falls away revealing more and more of the sparkly red boots - wow.

The see through 6" spiked stiletto style high heel and see through bottom platform makes it look as if I am floating over the snow.

Plus the platform makes them easy to walk in.

Academy Awards
Fashion Low Down

Low cut gowns, cleavage and the color blue, highlighted the fashions of Academy Awards night.

Low Down - on Low Cut Gowns

Hilary Swank, best actress Million Dollar Baby arrive in a very low cut midnight blue backless gown by Guy Laroche - surprise - no thong or lines in back. Actress Melanie Griffith, with her husband Antonio Banderas, arrived in a very low cut backless gown by Versaci - with great cleavage in front.

More Cleavage Awards

Natalie Portman arriving in the low cut shimmering Art Deco-style gown by Lanvin topped off with a sparkling headband. Beyoncé Knowles arrived in Atelier Versace's black silk velvet strapless "Siren" gown. Anne Jeffreys stunning fuchsia gown with large flower petals was out of this world. While Pamela Anderson displayed her great assets in a open to the waist brown blouse and tight white pants at the Elton John AIDS Foundation party.

If you can't get enough Academy Awards fashions here is another link to
Red Carpet - Party Photos.

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