Monday, January 31, 2005

Spiked Stiletto Heels - Ultimate Sex Appeal

I am going to an audition today, and I really want to WOW them. These 6" spiked stiletto metal heel boots make a perfect start. They will go great with a short leather mini skirt and black bikini thong.

click picture for details

This is a very hot stiletto boot for any day of the week. And, with snow on the ground it will keep my legs warm. Full inner zipper with a platform to make walking comfortable.

I always knew that a pair of high heel stilettos made me feel seductively sexy. Now a survey of over 55,000 guys and gals confirm that notion.

The survey found that "Women said that they viewed a pair of (56% black) patent leather stiletto heels as the essential item for seducing a potential partner. As well as improving the look of their legs. They also said that the right shoes made them feel so much more confident." It further found that the "the higher the better" when it came to stilettos heels. Of the guys, "over 85% of the men responded agreed that they were mesmerized by a woman in heels." Read the full survey Stiletto Heels the Ultimate Sex Appeal Item

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Pink Sexy Boudoir Gown with G-String Thong

What a party!!! Its time to relax in my boudoir and cuddle up with a good hard man.

click picture for details

Even when I am relaxing or ***, I love to be at my sexy self.

This soft, pink, shinny lace long gown with scalloped open front and adjustable straps with matching g-string is just the thing.

Well I guest I am going to rest a bite - or maybe not.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Leather Bandeau Brassiere - Brazilian String Thong Bikini

Well, I going to a private party tonight. This leather bandeau brassiere top embellished with nail heads and matching g-string thong should match the theme of the party.

click picture for details

I can really go a little wild in this outfit.

I learned some great belly dance moves and can really shake my top.

This should get the guys attention and the girls love it too. Sometimes, I not know who pays me more attention. But I just love attention, you know.

Fashion Notes:

Some really hot Portugal Fashion photos - strings and thongs - from Fátima Lopes 2005 Spring/Summer collection:

Beaded Brazilian string top and beaded string thong bikini.

Close up shot Beaded Brazilian string top and beaded string thong bikini.

See thru beaded top.

Fátima Lopes, Designer Sexy Thongs and Strings.

Photos by Roberto Santorini.

Friday, January 28, 2005

An Exhibitionist Delight - Black See thru Ruffled Lace Robe and Velvet Thong

Being the exhibitionist that I am, I just love putting together sexy outfits for my lover.

Since it is so cold out, I plan to turn up his heat with this ultra sexy see thru black ruffled lace robe and spaghetti belt. The velvet thong really highlights my firm buns.

click picture for details

Since its been soo cold all week - I really need to turn up the heat.

Humm! Baby light my fire!

Fashion Notes:

The Christian Dior Spring 2005 Couture Collection had some very short outfits - lots of legs and knee high boots — my favorite combination. I just love knee high boots and short skirts — very inviting don't you think?

I also loved the wild hair on the models in the Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2005 Couture Collection.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Silvery Bright Spiked Heel Stiletto Boots - Brighten Your Day or Night

Its getting colder, colder, colder and the wind is really blowing. I really need something to keep my feet warm and brighten up my day and night.

Humm - these silvery bright spiked heel boots are just right.

click picture for details

The boots have a 6" spiked heel and a platform to make them easy to walk in.

Full inner zipper, too. An the bright silvery color is a real show stopper - day or night.

Wow!!! This is a great idea for all you girls -- a Boyfriend Remote control.

Great control keys:

  • Ego: On - Off;

  • Shirt: On - Off;

  • Rub MY: - Back, Feet, Neck;

  • Buy Me: - Roses, Shoes, Ring;

  • Mood: - Funny - Romantic;

  • Fetch Snack: - Chocolate - Diet Coke;

  • etc.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hot Low Rise Leather Pants

Its Wednesday! I made through the snow and middle way through the week. Now lets see what sexy clothing I can put on today.

click picture for details

These low rise black leather pants with front zipper look great and will keep my leg warm.

Guys just love it when I bend over in my low rise black leather pants - I guest they like getting a glimpse of my firm buns.

Better wear a nice sexy black thong - or maybe nothing at all.

Did you see what they were wearing at the Golden Globes Parties?

Well here are some Golden Globes party fashion pictures.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Seductive Cleopatra Wig Great for Bad Hair Days

I been up to my a... in snow the past few days and talk about bad hair days — with 50 mile an hour winds, blowing snow and snow mountains everywhere. When will it end!!!

click picture for details

Well, I found the best cure for this weather is a wig. They say that 90% of your body heat escapes through your head, a good fact to know if someone calls you a hot head - hee - hee.

Wigs have always been a part of my sexy outfits. They are great for changing moods, personalities and a salvation in weather like this.

I just love this Cleopatra cut wig with tapered front and bob style back. Versatile bangs and stretch inner adjustable cap for a perfect fit.

Now I can just fantasize about floating down the Nile with Julius Caesar.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Thigh High Platform Stiletto Heels Boots

Snow, Snow, Snow when will it go.

Well, I really do like a bed of fallen snow. Gee, its is great making snow angels with my thigh high stiletto boots in a virgin blanket of snow.

click picture for details

I love to spread my legs and arms in the snow. Its cold and hot at the same time - if you know what I mean

And the spiked heels make such great patterns in the snow.

These are really fab — thigh high stiletto heel boots - with a 6" spiked heel and a platform to make them easy to walk in. Full Inner zipper too.

Well, off to making snow angels in the snow - again.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Black Thigh High Stockings with Sexy Black Inseam

I been working out the past few weeks and my legs are really toned.
With the weekend fast approaching, I am really in a party mode.

click picture for details

But the weather out there is a bit frightful!

So the debate goes on. Will sexy, vanity or hot warm win out. Sexy vanity or hot warm.

Anyway, I definite want to show off my great legs.

An these black thigh high stockings are just the thing.

The black inseam really turns the guys on and my girl friends,too!

But should I wear them over nude panty hose or just go bare. I think my vanity may win out. But baby it is cold outside.

Panty hose stocking or just go bare! Panty hose stocking or just go bare!

Well, I will just have to check the weather but then again I am sooo vain.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Seductive Fuzzy Slippers - Sexiest Feet Ever

Wow. I can't believe how many of you are into boots, shoes, Stiletto Heels, feet, feet, feet - well, I am into them too!

black fuzzy slippers
click picture for details

Just remember - Valentine Day is only a few weeks away - so if you want to play with your cutie's feet - you better start looking for something to caress her feet with.

I just love putting on sexy boots, shoes, pumps for my guy.

But the real turn on is when he takes them off.

When he strokes my feet - slowly messages my toes - paints my nails, a crimson red.

Boy, I feel the waves of heat moving up from my feet - to my legs - right to the spot.

WOW. I better stop fantasying now before I burn down my computer or flood it.

What really turns me on are black fuzzy slippers - OK it's a girl thing - but I guest you guys like it too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Shiny, See Thru Lace Baby Doll with See Thru G-String

Well, we are already into a new week. Right now, all I can really think about is just lounging around in a sexy outfit after work with that someone special. Still a few more days before the weekend fun begins again.

This soft and shiny see thru lace baby doll with a sexy split open back, adjustable straps and matching see thru thong G-String is just the thing for a relaxing romantic evening with somebody special.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Light up Stiletto Heel - Your Feet Dance on Light

I can't believe how many people loved my see thru stiletto platform boots. The response was overwhelming.

Well, I have another great idea. Have you ever wanted to float over a darken stage on globs of light?

If you're a dancer - or just want to call attention to your fabulous feet and legs - than this is the shoe for you.

You look like your floating on lights. The stiletto style heel drive them crazy. A real sexy stiletto style high heel platform shoe.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Foot Fetish Delight — See Thru Stiletto Boots

Wow. After seeing these see through stiletto boots, I know how to show off my great feet and legs.

What a great idea - a totally see through stiletto 6 3/4 high heel spiked boot. Even if you do not have a foot fetish you will enjoy showing off you feet and legs.

The platform make them easy to walk in.

A real sexy stiletto style high heel platform boot. Lucious Brand Name boots.

Monday, January 3, 2005

Fitness Resolutions

Well - the new year is finally here.

Humm. Just saw the new issue of Fitness mag and I realize I will need to make some resolutions for the new year.

The holidays were great but they have added some additional baggage I want to get ride of in the new year.


Now lets see

  • Lose the Flab for Good!!!

  • Trim inches from your thights and butt

  • Burn twice the calories in your next workout

  • 4 new ways to drop lbs without deprivation

Well I am off to a new start.