Monday, December 29, 2008

Celebrity Models - Really Love Their Boots

Shannon Tweed in sexy fishnet panty hose and boots

Credit: Splash News
Shannon Tweed in sexy fishnet panty hose and boots

From Hollywood to Brentwood, hot sexy boots are the fashion accessory of the day.

Shannon Tweed likes Knee High Boots

Tall, Canadian actress and model Shannon Tweed really knows how to display a bit of leg.

Well, all we can say is she looks very sexy in fishnet pantyhose.

Just love the way her knee and thigh are framed by those knee high boots and black mini skirt.

The black trench coat with tied belt really completes this very sexy outfit as she picks up some coffee at the Starbucks in Hollywood Hills.

Shannon Tweed was a Playmate of the Year in 1982 and has appeared in over 60 films, including Meatballs III, Hot Dog . . . The Movie, Powerplay, Detroit Rock City.

She is married to rock star Gene Simmons of KISS and currently stars in a reality show on A&E entitled Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Sofia Vergara in studed boots, black mini dress, black shawl cardigan
Credit: World Faces / Splash News
Sofia Vergara likes studs in her boots

Sofia Vergara Likes Studs

Sexy Colombian model and actress Sofia Vergara really loves knee high boots with silver studs.

The statuesque 5 foot 7 inch tall model, spotted leaving the Hollywood hotspot Guys, looks super hot in a basic black sparkled with silver.

Sofia Vergara black mini dress, black shawl cardigan, long wavy brunette hair is breathtakingly enhanced with layers and layers of silver chain necklaces.

Vergara started her career at the age of 17 when she appeared in a Spanish language commercial for Pepsi.

Recently, she has played Jeremy Darling love interest in the ABC drama series Dirty Sexy Money.

She also played the part of Alcia Oviedo in the Colombian version of the television show Desperate Housewives.

Jodie March loves thigh high wet look boots
Credit: Splash News
Jodie March loves thigh high wet look boots

Jodie Marsh Thigh High Boots

British model Jodie Marsh enjoys thigh high boots so much, that she doesn't wear much else.

Jodie March was spotted at the Sugar Hut on High Street in Brentwood were she is celebrating her 30th birthday.

Jodie Marsh very sexy costume look included thigh high boots, very wide fishnet pantyhose, leopard spotted thong panties - kickers, a combination shelf bra, tie and halter top also in leopard print, plus a leopard hat and very punk hair style.

Of course, she is also wearing several body tattoos. Her numerous tattoos include the faces of Michael Jackson, Buddy Holy and Chuck Berry.

Jodie Marsh has a rosary and cross on her right wrist and the mottos My Crazy Life, Life's Too Short and Only God Can Judge Me.

Jodie was accompanied by her female hairdresser girlfriend Nina who was dressed as Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash.

Other guests at the bash included former Big Brother winner Brian Belo accompanied by Shipwrecked star Naomi Millbank-Smith.

Gisele Buendchen Lights Up New Years

Gisele Buendchen appeared in New York's Times Square with members of her family to help in the final push to power the numbers 2-0-0-9, which will light up as the New Year's Ball drops.

Gisele Bundchen was recently reported to be engaged to NFL QB Tom Brady, however, stories from family members - Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen NOT Engaged - call the rumors not true.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Sexy Glittering Holiday Women Tops

The holidays are the time for you to glitter.

With the holidays and the New Year fast approaching, it's a great time to add a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe.

Sexy women tops are always in, and this very sexy golden metallic lame spandex crop top adds glitter to any outfit.

Great for those holiday parties or for rocking in the New Year.

This brilliant golden crop women top goes with just about anything.

Truly a very hot and sexy crop top and a great addition to your wardrobe.

If you love to be daring and the center of attention, then this very sexy Shanghai Top is just what you been looking for.

The very sexy chiffon and satin ribbon bell sleeved wrap top lets you adjust the amount of cleavage you want to display.

How daring do you want to be?

Well, no matter how sexy you want to look - this wrap top is just the right topping.

The wrap top comes with a thong that features chinoiserie appliqué detail.

Or, perhaps you love to shimmer and shake under the glare of dance floor lighting.

Well, what better top to wear than a very shinny sequin women tank top.

This very reflective sequin tank top, lavished with sequins, captures the dramatic lighting of the dance floor.

You will set heads a turning, as you dance the night away.

This very sexy women sequin tank top is great to wear on top of any outfit or under a sexy jacket.

Sexy, hot and shinning - just the way you like it.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fantasy Birthday for Sexy Danielle Lloyd

Girl in Sexy Cop Costume at Danielle Lloyd Birthday Party

Credit: Splash News
Sexy Cop at Danielle Lloyd Brithday Party

What could be hotter than a fantasy birthday party for English fashion and glamour model Danielle Lloyd?

Well, Halloween may be over, but a very sexy fantasy birthday party is the order of the day for Danielle Lloyd who turned 25 on December 16.

Looking like a very sexy Cinderella, Danielle arrived in a low cut Cinderella outfit showcasing her 32 double D cleavage.

She wore a vibrant mini dress in gold and blue satin colors with white lace trim, white layered petticoat, thigh high white stocking and sexy white Malibu high heel stiletto shoes.

All the outfits worn by the female guest at the party were very sexy including a blond wearing a very sexy low cut policeman - bobby uniform, fishnet stocking, knee high black stiletto boots.

Party Girl Danielle Lloyd in Cinderella Costume with thigh high white stockings
Splash News
Party Girl Danielle Lloyd in Cinderella Costume

While another woman arrived in a very tight fitting red strapless corset, black layered petticoat, thigh high fishnet stockings topped with red lace, red grader belt, and sexy black pattern leather shoes.

Arriving in a shopping cart was a very sexy elf in a green mini dress with thigh high green stockings, white trimmed halter top, green Santa elf hat with white trim and very high heel black shoes.

Pushing the elf was one of Santa's helpers dressed in a red satin mini dress with white trim, red cape with white trim, white blouse, red and white trimmed cap and very sexy thigh high white stockings.

Sexy Santa Helpers arrive in Shopping Cart
Splash News
Party Girls arrive in Shopping Cart

Danielle Lloyd began her modeling career by entering competitions in and around Liverpool.

In 2004 she was crowned both as Miss England and Miss World and was named Miss Great Britain in 2006.

Danielle Lloyd also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2007, eventually finishing firth in the competition.

Kseniya Sukhinova Crowned Miss World

Russia's Kseniya Sukhinova has been crowned the 58th Miss World after a two-hour spectacle in Johannesburg, South Africa, that combined elements of travelogue and reality show.

Miss India came in second and Miss Trinidad and Tobago third.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Guys and Girls in Their Underwear Set Guinness World Record

Girls and Guys in their underwear

Credit: Entertainment Press / Splash News
Girls and Guys in their underwear set Guinness World Record

From male hunks in their underwear - briefs to girls in their panties - knickers, 116 people showed up in their underwear to set a new Guinness World Record.

On a cold and gloomy day, 116 descended on the St. Pancras rail station in London wearing just their underwear in an attempt to break the world record for the number of people gathered in one location in their underwear - knickers.

Did they break the record?

116 Guys and Girls in their Underwear
Entertainment Press / Splash News
116 Guys and Girls in their Underwear.

Yes, they did and by a margin of 56 people.

Yes, we love a sexy story, especially when it involves great looking guys and girls in their underwear, however, we are happy to report that the company that sponsored this event Pants to Poverty is also helping focus attention on organic undies, that are fair trade certified, sweatshop free and made from organic cotton.

Thanks to the group's efforts, many cotton farmers in India are now paid fairly thanks to fair trade policies.

The farmers also use organic farming methods, which include using natural pesticides like manure, instead of toxic chemicals.

What could be better - sexy underwear that is good for the environment and helps struggling farmers support their families.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Britney Spears on Fire

Britney Spears performs her single Womanizer

Credit: Splash News
Britney Spears emerges from a ring of fire.

In a year that has seen more lows than highs, Britney is finally rocking things up and heading up, up, up.

Britney Spears returned from a mini-tour through Europe promoting her latest single Womanizer, to celebrate both her 27th birthday and to perform on ABC Good Morning America.

Not only is Britney music coming back on track, she is also getting her body back in shape.

Britney Spears in sexy short shorts, lace crop top, fishnet stockings and knee high stiletto boots
Credit: Splash News
Britney Spears in sexy short shorts

Back dropped by a blazing ring of fire, and clowns dressed in wet Latex looking tight fitting pant suits which reflected the glowing fire, Britney emerged from the ring of fire singing her new single Womanizer.

Brittney really looked super hot and very sexy in a red laced cropped top, very tight short shorts, fishnet stocking and a pair of black knee high boots.

Her sixth album, Circus is really creating buzz and is expected to premier in the number one spot on Billboard charts next week.

Brittney Spears is expected to begin touring again next year, starting in her hometown in Louisiana in March of 2009.

Watch the video tape for more of Britney Spears on Good Morning America.

Be sure to visit the Britney Spears Fashion News page, for a glimpse of many more of Britney Spears sexy and unique outfits.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Victoria's Secret - A Look Behind the Show

Well, Santa Claus may have already arrived in the states, and we already witnessed a tree lighting or two, but for us in the states the holidays really gets underway when those beautiful, sexy angles in lacy lingerie and angelical wings take to the runway in the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show.

As we count down the hours to the show, which will air on the CBS network in the states on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 10 pm Eastern and Pacific Time, we would like to provide you with a video glimpse behind the scenes.

We would like to thank Shelby Holliday a graduate reporter for for this revealing peek behind the Victoria's Secret fashion show tent.

Victoria's Secret female model in angle wings
Credit: Splash News
Sexy Victoria's Secret Angle

Although the heavenly angles of Victoria's Secret may seem beyond approach, they are really very down to earth when it comes to preparing for the show, as Shelby discovers in this look behind the scenes.

So for some hair raising glances or at least some sexy models in hair curlers, come take a look behind the scenes at the Victoria's Secret fashion show tent.

How do these super models get in shape for this event?

Well, model Sessille Lopez uses a very intense kick boxing session to help her get ready for the show. Exercise is important for keeping a well toned, tight stomach for all those sexy outfits.

Shelby Holliday Behind the Scenes Look at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

New York based model Behati Prinsloo feels like a doll as she is pulled and pushed, bended and turn by the hair stylists, makeup artists and fitters as they prepare her for the show.

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio routine includes sitting by the pool and getting a little tan so she will look good on the runway.

Alessandra also believes in exercise with crunches for your stomach and lots of healthy food and, of course, plenty of sleep.

Marissa Miller, who has graced many a SI swimsuit issue, also believes in exercise, and her favorite pastime besides sleeping, which is surfing.

Marissa is also looking forward to her after show breakfast, which will include strawberry waffles and Eggs Benedict.

Well, all that hard work deserves such a yummy reward.

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