Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hot Count Down to a Cool 4th

Only a few more days to another great holiday weekend in the States.

Bight Orange
Velvet Bra, Booty Shots, Thong Set

I'm picking out my cool, but hot sexy outfits for the festivities.

I really love this
bright orange outfit.

The bra straps are nearly invisible, so the bra appears to be floating on me.

The velvet bra, booty shorts and thong panty set are all trimmed in clear elastic, so they expose more skin transparently.

Great look!!!

Especially, with the sexy
see through stiletto high heel shoes.
See thru shoes are especially hot for summer fun. Just love how they reflect the sun light.

Beat the High Cost at the Gas Pumps

Well, it's going to be a hot and expensive summer for traveling with the price of gasoline skyrocketing.

I found a couple of useful sites to save you some money.

If you are looking for the
lowest gasoline prices in any area
all you have to do is enter a zip code and zoom your will find a list of locations, prices and the lowest gas station prices in that area.

Hum, pretty good

Another way to save is on auto insurance

For my blogalcoholic readers, this site has a great
blog devoted to the car insurance headlines and stories

You can also comparison shop for the lowest auto insurance rates in your area.

Now, what did Ben say - a penney earned means more fun in the sun???


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Monday, June 27, 2005

Lindsay Lohan 19th Birthday Surprise

Lindsay Lohan, the popular star of Disney's Herbie, recently celebrated her 19th birthday at a party attended by such A-List celebrities as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst and Jared Leto.

Lindsay Lohan
Birthday Pocket Mirror

What unusual gifts did Lindsay Lohan and her guests receive in their birthday party goodie bag?

Lindsay Lohan and her guests were treated to goodie bags which included a specially designed pocket mirror courtesy of My Favorite Mirror.

The pocket mirror, illustrated by Susie Ghahremani of and manufactured by Kellee Milner of featured a whimsical painting of the guest of honor, which was created exclusively for this event.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Hot Bachelors List - Thomas Tevana in People's "50 Hottest Bachelors"

Why do I like sexy hot fashions - well a course it's for the guys.


"50 Hottest Bachelors"

And, today's column is for the girls.

Summer is really heating up and People magazine has just released their "50 Hottest Bachelors" in America list.

People Magazine has named actor Thomas Tevana one of "50 Hottest Bachelors" in America.

Joining Tevana on the roster of "Hottest Bachelors" are fellow actors Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Colin Farrell.

A native of San Francisco and a resident of New York, he says of his People Magazine shoot,

Thomas Tevana

"It was incredible. They really gave me a lot of attention, which was really flattering. I had just gotten off the plane from India after our film was released and was still lost in time zones but it went extremely well."

The actor has received critical acclaim for his performance in the mainstream Bollywood commercial flick, "Jo Bole So Nihaal."

Thomas Tevana

" One of the 50 Hottest Bachelors"

Having been a model and a small screen actor, he says of his film break,

"The director was looking for someone who was American, but of Indian Subcontinental origin and could carry off a natural fluency in Hindi."

As for being single, Tevana says, "I'm still waiting for the right girl to come along too.

Did all the other guys out there get married already?"

Monday, June 20, 2005

Woman behind those Sexy Lyrics and Phrases

Who is the woman behind those catchy and sexual phrases like "Suelta como Gabete" and "Dame Mas Gasolina" from Reggeaton's biggest acts - from Daddy Yankee's "Gasolina" to Don Omar's "Dale Don Dale"?

recent single "La Popola"

Well her name is Glory.

Glory has collaborated with many Reggaeton artists and is now ready to debut as a soloist.

She recently released a single with sexual lyrics titled "La Popola" a Spanish slang phrase for a female's genitalia.

Similar in concept to the very popular 80's song sung by Donna Summers, yet Glory's single is highly sexual.

Her current single though tremendously popular with her fan base with daily add-ons to many U.S. radio stations was banned by a few Latin American countries because of its highly sexual lyrics.

But this has not deterred this talented Puerto Rican vocalist.

She is currently putting the finishing touches to her self-titled debut album due out this summer.

Reggaeton is a relatively new genre of dance music that has become popular in Puerto Rico over the last decade.

The name is derived from the reggae music of Jamaica which influenced reggaeton's dance beat.

Reggaeton is closely associated with the "underground" movement of urban youth and is sometimes also referred to in Spanish as "perreo", meaning "doggie"; a term describing a common reggaeton dance move that evokes a sexual position.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cool Thong - Garter Belt - Bra for a Hot Sexy Look

The heat is on but I am staying cool - but sexy and hot at the same time.

Spandex mesh thongs and bra

When the temperature zooms, I always look for something cool to wear under my mini dress.

This D'Espirit spandex mesh thong with matching spandex mesh bra just does the trick.

So cool underneath - yet so sexy and hot.

I just love nylon stocking and the garter belt.

Now all I need is a nice cool breeze.

Humm - I stay cool in the breeze - and the guy heat up.

Don't you just love summer!!!


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Friday, June 10, 2005

Sexy Vintage Nylon Stockings - to Keep Romance Alive

Looking for that sexy, hot, sensuous vintage glamour look?

Glimmer Gold
reinforced heel & toe

Those feminine classic retro nylon stockings that are so sensuous, sexy and hot - yet fully functional?

Well, we found a company that believes in keeping romance alive.

Secrets in Lace Spring and Summer 2005 creations were inspired by nostalgic designs from the glamour years of
the 1960's with light wispy colors, sheer heels and toes and authentic details in the stocking welts.

This season their most popular styles continue to be the Classic Reinforced Heel and Toe, usually worn with pumps.

Exclusive Cassandra Sheer
head and toe Stockings

The Sheer Heel and Toe Royal Collection for strappy sandals.

And, for elegant evenings the Secrets In Lace French Heel Full Fashion Stockings.

Secrets In Lace continues to impress fashionable women around the world with authentic recreations
of vintage 100% nylon stockings proving that femininity is indeed alive and well around the world.

Elana Sheer
heel & toe Stockings

Secrets In Lace has been leading this charge since 1984 where in a small store front in Virginia they helped
customers "Keep the Romance Alive" by selling matching bra, garter belt and panty sets to coordinate with
their authentic nylon stockings.

The company was one of the first lingerie and stockings websites to hit the internet in 1995 and since
then they have become an internationally known retailer of authentic nylon stockings and elegant matching undergarments.

Exclusive Bridgetta Vintage
Full Fashion Stockings

Daniel Whitsett, the company's Co-Founder and President, says their client list is confidential but
some of the most important and influential women in the world wear their stockings.

"Influential Women from Washington DC, Hollywood, London, Europe, Australia and Japan wear our stockings everyday".

"They are always asking about coordinating fashion colors and new styles for each season."

Celine Bridal
Nylon Stockings

Because of their over 21 years of experience in the lingerie business Secrets In Lace intuitively knew which factories
could produce the highest quality garments when demand for their products exploded onto the international scene.

"Our company is dedicated to meeting the needs of any women who wants to feel feminine under her classic outerwear; women in the workplace, socialites and housewives all are discovering our products."

Curvy Woman®

Secrets In Lace expanded their traditional stocking line to address the fuller figured market by launching
Curvy Woman® almost five years ago.

Pink Classic
100% Nylon reinforced heel & toe

What makes the Secrets In Lace Curvy Woman line unique?

"The Secrets In Lace Curvy Woman is a dress size 12- 18, we photograph our products on a size 16-18 model
so our customers can see what the product really looks like
" comments Mr. Whitsett,
"no skinny models here even in the classic Secrets In Lace line.

Our models are fuller to help customers visualize our offerings of hard to find bra sizes".

Their stockings cover sizes Petite through 3X while bras and coordinating sets range from 32A to 44F.

Slips and Camisoles

Signature Stockings

Secrets In Lace does not limit their offerings to stockings and bras.

"Full slips, camisoles and half slips are an important part of any classic wardrobe and we have created classic looks
with fine satins and exquisite laces" Mr. Whitsett remarks, "a full slip can help create a smooth line under any dress".


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Thursday, June 9, 2005

Sexy Bikini Model with a Mission

There are thousands of hot, sexy models and probably a hundred more Super Models, but when you find a model that can combine the sexy model look and body with a deep love for the environment - that is truly a unique quality.

Summer Ryan
Hot Bikini Model

Such a model is the statuest 5' 10" model Summer Rayne.

Summer Rayne began freelance modeling in New York City during her sophomore year at Cornell University.

She found an interest in the fashion industry because it was a unique niche to disseminate social and environmental initiatives, something very close to her heart and course of study.

Instead of abandoning college to pursue her modeling goals, Summer Rayne simultaneously juggled a rigorous academic schedule, a vast number of research positions, and travel to New York City (despite the distance) to model and promote her career.

This is a Cornell graduate with degrees in entomology and natural resources, the winner of numerous academic awards - certainly not the twentieth century's idea of the model.

Her current personal project is Coordinator for John F. Cooper's "Organic Portraits," a series of photographs that combine artistic fashion-portraiture photography with the creative use of natural materials and fibers, which are being produced to benefit the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve (Chiapas, Mexico)and to inform the public on conscious consumerism and sustainability while giving profits to the planet.

"One individual has the power to do so much," she states. "I am dedicated to instilling that in people.

Most don't realize that "I can" can be attainable."

For more information on Summer Rayne and her initiatives, log onto her personal websites: Summer Rayne.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Sexy Hot Bikini = Traffic Hazard -- Maxim's Top List

Well it's beginning to sizzle and I have just the right sexy bikini to spice up the day.

Crocheted Bikini

I took a few days off to just lounge on the beach in my new hot crocheted bikini.

I really enjoy a hot, sexy bikini and the guys really love it too.

This bikini really shows off my best features - those well-toned sexy legs of mine. See what jogging can do!

But I have to be careful. Jogging along the roadway to the beach can present a traffic hazard - especially in this daringly provocative bikini.

Two cars ended up on the side road and one was driven by a woman. Well, women like to goggle other women too, you know.

I really love the spaghetti side straps, since they show off more of my firm thighs.

Hum, its back to work - but I really found a lot of sexy hot bikinis and minis to put the sizzle into summer.

The summer is already beginning and I am ready - hot, sexy and well toned.

Maxim's Hot 100 List

I am sure that my readers can tell who is sexy, hot or not.

Eva Longoria
Tops Maxim's List

But in case you are curious who is on the Maxim's Hot 100 list or just want to search for that hot, new comer, I have included Maxim's Hot 100 list.

Eva Longoria of ABC's "Desperate Housewives" tops Maxim magazine's sixth annual Hot 100 list of the most successful women of the year in film, television, music, sports and fashion.

Just gazing upon Eva hot, sexy bikini picture it's easy to see why.

Longoria joins past #1 picks, Jessica Simpson (2004), Christina Aguilera (2003), Jennifer Garner (2002) and Jessica Alba (2001).

Rounding out the Top 10: "Lost" breakout actress Evangeline Lilly (#2); "Alias's" Jennifer Garner (#3); "Herbie: Fully Loaded's" Lindsay Lohan (#4); "Fantastic Four's" Jessica Alba (#5); "The O.C.'s" Rachel Bilson (#6); "Mr. and Mrs. Smith's" Angelina Jolie (#7); "Sin City's" Brittany Murphy (#8); "Dukes of Hazzard" star Jessica Simpson (#9) and "D.E.B.S.'" Sara Foster (#10).

Maxim's Hot 100 List

01. Eva Longoria

02. Evangeline Lilly

03. Jennifer Garner

04. Lindsay Lohan

05. Jessica Alba

06. Rachel Bilson

07. Angelina Jolie

08. Brittany Murphy

09. Jessica Simpson

10. Sara Foster

11. Cameron Diaz

12. Eva Mendez

13. Ashanti

14. Rachel McAdams

15. Charlize Theron

16. Christina Aguilera

17. Beyonce Knowles

18. Jessica Biel

19. Vanessa Marcil

20. Paris Hilton

21. Uma Thurman

22. Katie Holmes

23. Kate Beckinsale

24. Scarlett Johansson

25. Sofia Vergara

26. Sarah Michelle Gellar

27. Maggie Grace

28. Jaime King

29. Anna Kournikova

30. Christina Milian

31. Brook Burns

32. Jennifer Love Hewitt

33. Mischa Barton

34. Salma Hayek

35. Ciara

36. Avril Lavigne

37. Nicole Richie

38. Kate Bosworth

39. Shania Twain

40. Pamela Anderson

41. Halle Berry

42. Natalie Portman

43. Kelly Carlson

44. Malia Jones

45. Poppy Montgomery

46. Ashley Scott

47. Emilie de Ravin

48. Sienna Miller

49. Rachel Perry

50. Diane Kruger

51. Nikki Cox

52. Cameron Richardson

53. Keira Knightley

54. Jordana Brewster

55. Samaire Armstrong

56. Lacey Chabert

57. Heidi Klum

58. Brittany

59. Angela Marcello

60. Brittany Gastineau

61. Olivia Wilde

62. Vanessa Minnilo

63. Lauren Bush

64. Kim Smith

65. Leila Arcieri

66. Kelly Brook

67. Kristin Kreuk

68. Kristen Bell

69. Mena Suvari

70. Krista Allen

71. Molly Sims

72. Aisha Tyler

73. Amber Brkich

74. Natassia Malthe

75. Catherine Bell

76. Shana Hiatt

77. Laura Prepon

78. Joanna Krupa

79. Joanne Montanez

80. Rebecca Romijn

81. Grace Park

82. Milla Jovovich

83. Tricia Helfer

84. Donna Feldman

85. Ana Hickman

86. Emma Heming

87. Alexis Bledel

88. Jennifer Aniston

89. Bonnie-Jill Laflin

90. Sara Shahi

91. Summer Altice

92. Bali Rodriguez

93. Lokelani McMichael

94. Amy Cobb

95. Arielle Kebbel

96. Jenni Finch

97. Julie Berry

98. Ivana Bozilovic

99. Moon Bloodgood

100. Adrianne Curr