Friday, December 28, 2007

Bra or Braless Look?

Rebecca Romijn in a Sexy Black Push Up Bra
Rebecca Romijn in a Sexy Black Push Up Bra

Christmas is over and the New Year is approaching, this is the prime buying time for all shoppers.

In the minds of shoppers, the deep red after Christmas sales tickets dance in their heads.

Almost as delightful as the peppermint canes that hung from the Christmas tree are the deep discounts offered by retailers just after Christmas.

Now, we know that one of the big sales items in late December and January are bras and panties.

Are you the type of person who prefers a very sexy push up bra and those hot and sexy lace thong panties?

You know, that very sexy look that can capture a man's attention and send him for a loop or perhaps you prefer to go the all-natural way without any underlying support.

Rebecca Romijn in a Sexy High Cut Thong
Rebecca Romijn in a Sexy High Cut Thong

Our interest in this subject was really perked by two really hot and sexy women.

Although, each evoked a different path, they both extruded a very sexy look.

Victoria's Secret may dish up a hot and sexy look, but we really loved the lingerie spread featuring Rebecca Romijn for the Italian lingerie company La Perla.

Not only does La Perla create sexy lingerie and knickers, but its web site presentation rival, and in many ways surpass, the hot editorial fashion layouts that the top fashion magazine produce, yet fail to transfer to their own web sites.

We just love the web site and Rebecca Romijn sexy lingerie looks.

Rebecca looks oh so captivating in that black push up bra with lace and embroidered silk butterflies on the thong.

We especially like the high cut thong panties, a really sexy look.

Not only does Rebecca Romijn look alluring in sexy bras and thongs, but she also looks great in body paint.

In November 1999, Rebecca appeared on the cover of sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covered only with a painted on swimsuit, she also appeared on GQ in a painted on bikini bottom.

Anyway, with or without clothes, Rebecca is always captivating.

So enjoy some additional photos of Rebecca from the photo shoot.

Than there is Britney Spears and the Britney Look!

Britney often foregoes pieces of underway; yet her in your face appearance is right on point.

Although she might not like wearing a bra, Britney enjoys the freedom and sensuality of a braless body pressed tightly against a red, off the shoulders see through t-shirt.

Still, you have to admit that Britney perks your attention in this braless red see-thru off the shoulder top and tight jeans outfit.

Certainly worth a second glance or two.

So what do you prefer, the very sensuous black push up bra with detailed embroidery and revealing black high cut thongs or the natural look – no bra and a tight see through top?

You be the judge.

Be sure to visit the Britney Spears Fashion News page, for a glimpse of many more of Britney Spears sexy and unique outfits.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Golden Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton in gold body paint
Golden - Sparkly -
Paris Hilton in a Can

We know that Paris Hilton is a golden girl but does she have the Midas touch?

Well, this provocative photo of Paris Hilton certainly would make even Goldfinger envious.

Paris poses in the burning desert sun in nothing more that thin layers of gold paint.

This striking photo of Paris Hilton is from a series of shots for her champagne in a can line called Rich Prosecco.

Paris Hilton does Pole Dance at Club Maxxim in Berlin, Germany
Swinging Paris on a Pole

Instead of popping the cork on New Year eve, you will just have to pull the tab.

All the convenience of beer in a can, but for those with champagne tastes.

Sort of like a Paris in a can type treat, no doubt.

Anyway, the golden vixen has been on the party circuit in Berlin promoting her new champagne in a can line.

At Club Maxxim in Berlin, Paris put on an impromptu pole dance swinging from a overhead pole in a low cut sequenced halter top micro mini dress with knee high black high heel stiletto boots.

Paris also went high up on a mountain of artificial snow, then slid down the mountain in a rubber tire to the delight of her fans.

Well, now Paris Hilton fans can enjoy champagne dreams on a beer belly budget.

If you can not see the video clip in your e-mail or reader go to Golden Paris Hilton.

For more Paris Hilton photos, go to Paris on a Pole and Paris Hilton Champagne Ad.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crowned – The Ultimate Beauty Pageant???

Sparks begin to Fly on Crowned
Sparks begin to fly on Crowned

We know mothers who drive their daughters into entering and winning beauty pageants, many in fact, living out their own childhood fantasies through their daughters lives.

We also know daughters, who try to escape the confines of their mothers by entering beauty pageants.

But what would happen if both a mother and daughter must form a team to win a beauty contest.

Annette and Alana
Annette and Alana
©2007 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

This is the premise and storyline behind the new reality television show Crowned premiering on the CW network in the US tonight Wednesday December 12, 2007 at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central time.

We have always been curious in knowing just how much of each pageant contestant presentation is real and how much is just made up to score points with the judges.

We always wondered if a beauty pageant contestant really believes in what she says, or is this just mom and apple pie talk.

Lindsay Lohan, Spiderman and Spiderman Junior
Rachelle and Mindy
©2007 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

Hopefully, Crowned will shade some light on what really goes on in the minds of beauty pageant contestants as eleven mother and daughter contestants prepare for the crown over an eight episode period.

Taking a look at some of the outtakes from the show, it looks like things do heat up over the course of the show.

Hopefully, the judges Carson Kressley ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"), former Miss U.S.A. Shanna Moakler ("Dancing with the Stars," "Meet the Barkers") and television personality Cynthia Garrett ("Later with Cynthia Garrett") will be able to see through the fa├žade and expose the real personalities behind the contestants.

All in all, it sounds like an intriguing show.

And, for some behind the scenes footage go get Crowned.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Baby

Lindsay Lohan, Spiderman and Spiderman Junior
Lindsay Lohan, Spiderman and Spiderman Junior

Lindsay Lohan strolling with her boyfriend and baby on a sunny afternoon?

Well, not exactly.

It's seemed that after a very hard year, Lindsay Lohan is hopefully getting back on the right track.

Lindsay, who had recently split from snowboarder Riley Giles, whom she met at Utah's Cirque Lodge rehab center in August, is on her own again.

In this case, she is with Spiderman and Spiderman Junior.

Just have to love that beehive hairdo, so 60's.

Lindsay will be back in the movies soon, as she starts filming her next movie – Dare To Love Me.

Lindsay Lohan and the Incredible Hulk
Lindsay Lohan and the Incredible Hulk

She also plans to head back to the recording studio to record another album for release next year.

This could make some people green with envy, as Lindsay Lohan relaxes with the Incredible Hulk.

Well, we are glad to see Lindsay Lohan dating and back to work.

In case you haven't guested this by now, this is from a photo shot in Los Angeles with Lindsay Lohan.

More on this story from Celebsplanet.

Tara Reid Leg Up

Tara Reid - Leg Up
Tara Reid - Leg Up

Tara Reid is alive and well and shooting a photo spread down under.

Tara displays those great legs, as she balances on one leg while she puts on a high heel golden shoe.

Not quite an up skirt pose, but definitely a very sexy photo of Tara Reid.

More photos of Tara Reid from the shoot are at Hot On Line News.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Wet Look for Him – Hot Look for You

Men's Wet Look Boxer Shorts

Men's Wet Look Boxer Shorts

Why should only us girls have all the fun modeling sexy underwear.

Remember Heidi Klum fell in love with Seal after seeing him in a pair of spandex briefs.

Now, why not get a pair or two of sexy men's underwear for your boy toy.

You know your want to.

You know you yearn to see him modeling a pair of sexy spandex briefs or perhaps breakaway men's bikini briefs.

Humm! You know he will never buy them for himself, so take the initiative and go out a buy him a pair or two.

You know with the holidays, there is no excuse for not buying him a sexy gift and you also know that you will enjoy it to.

These wet looking men's boxer shorts by Zakk really reflect light and draw attention to every line in his body, highlighting his curves and muscles.

The lace up men's wet look boxer shorts really hugs his body and provides a sleek and smooth look.

Sexy Santa Mini Skirt and Top

Sexy Santa Mini Skirt and Top

Don't neglect yourself, give yourself a treat and help out Santa at the same time.

This bright, sexy red stretch mini skirt and top is a very hot outfit to wear to holiday parties or for hanging out with friends.

The top is made of soft stretch velvet, one of our favorite materials. It has soft white front lacing with soft poodle faux fur trim and adjustable straps.

The mini skirt is made of stretch velvet so it really hugs your figure, trimmed with faux fur and completed with a black patent leather belt.

Add a pair of short satin stretch gloves to complete the look.

This outfit is great for the holidays, but sexy all year long.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Cheesecake or Truffles - a Delicious Holiday Treat

Eggnog Tart

Looking for those rich, delicious treats you have been craving all year?

In search of that tempting, mouth watering special holiday treat?

This is the season to enjoy those rich deserts that you craved all year long or to share your cravings for rich deserts with that someone special, as a very special yummy holiday treat.

Our favorite desert on a cold winter night has always been a delicious slice of cheesecake and some dark rich coffee.

And, we are glad we stumbled upon a rich assortment of mini cheesecakes just right for celebrating the holidays, whether at an office party or for celebrating at home with family and friends.

Assorted Mini Cheesecake

We just love this sensational assortment of twelve mini gourmet cheesecakes in four traditional flavors, from:

  • Traditional New York Cheesecake - made with cream cheese blended with fresh eggs;

  • Turtle - a New York cheesecake based, topped with pecan bits, mini chocolate chips and a caramel drizzle;

  • Black Forest - New York cheesecake base, with a chocolate graham cracker crust infused with tempting swirl of cherry;

  • Cappuccino - New York cheesecake base, blended with pure coffee extract and a graham cracker crust.

Truffle Cake Sampler

No wonder that this delicious offering from David's Cookies was featured in the December issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine in their list of the 10 Best Mail-order Goodies for Giving (or Serving), stating that, this is the perfect gift for someone who craves homemade cheesecake.

For all those people on your gilf list with a sweet tooth, be sure to check out David's Cookies other delicious holiday treats, such as, Classic Chocolate Truffle Cake, Marble Truffle Cake, Mocha Hazelnut Truffle Cake, Truffle Cake Sampler, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake, Eggnog Tart, Rum Pumpkin Tart, Cranberry Walnut Cheese Tart, Rainforest Tart, Key Lime Tart and of course, those yummy brownies, crumb cake, cookies and other desserts.

So enjoy the holidays with these yummy, delicious holiday treats.

And, for more holiday gift ideas check out Glamnest.

During December they will be posting one great gift idea a day, and anyone who leaves a comment will be randomly selected to win the gift.