Sunday, February 27, 2005

Mystery Guest - Black See Thru Dress

Who is today's mystery guest???

Hints: hundreds crave him, millions of eyes will be focused on him Sunday night.

Give up - well just click on the photo to find out.

If you always dreamed of transforming your favorite actors, actresses, celebrities, models or singers outfits,-- or to just want to dress and undress them,-- then I found just the site for you.

Paperdollheaven has 100s of your favorite celebrities - for you to dress any way you want.

Some of our favorites are Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and Lindsay Lohan. This is a fun site and additive too.

My Academy Awards Outfit

Well, some how my invitation to the Academy Awards must have got lost in the mail. Hummm!!!

Anyway, I have invited some friends over for an Academy Awards party.

This lace see through black robe with ruffled lace and spaghetti belt, velvet thong bikini, should help to keep the attention focused on me - at least during the commercials.

A course, I will be too busy scouring the internet for the sexiest fashion photos from the Academy Awards and reporting to you on the hot sexy fashions trends.

Stay turned for the hot sexy Academy Award links.

But, as you know girls just want to have fun.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Academy Awards Fashions - Royal Fashions on the Block

Counting down to the Academy Awards, now what would I wear.

This beautiful long silky gown is just yummy.

Just love the beautiful chiffon embroidered details.

Very sexy chiffon kick-pleat and a very low cut back.

Well, reveling more is great fun, and sexy too.

The see through wrap adds a touch of class and the sparkling silver high heel shoes add a nice finishing touch.

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities fashions change through the years?

Well, there is a time machine at the official Academy Awards site were you can view what a actress wore at several past Academy Awards presentations.

Some of my favorites are Cher, Halle Berry, Holly Hunter - love those see through lingerie gown looks.

Yearning to Ware a Royal Outfit?

A prized black Valentino skirt suit (pictured left) worn by Camilla Parker Bowles to the opening of an exhibition at Somerset House in November 2000 - one of the first official engagements that Camilla attended with Prince Charles, and a true turning point in his campaign for public acceptance of her as his official companion will be auctioned off by the Clothesagency.

This is just one of the celebrities - royalty outfits that will be auctioned by Clothesagency.

Proceeds raised by the auction will go to support, the Tsunami charity patroned by Camilla's own traveler/writer brother Mark Shand - actively striving to rebuild parts of Sri Lanka devastated by the Boxing Day disaster.

To date the item attracting the highest bids on the site is the dress worn by Zara Phillips for the premiere of Seabiscuit.

Items attracting similar levels of interest include the black Ben de Lisi dress worn by Kate Winslet for the premiere of Finding Neverland and a black BOY TOY belt worn and signed by Madonna.

Additional celebrities donations, recently added, are:

  • Sir George Martin - original Beatles Sergeant Pepper jacket with letter of authentication

  • Emma Thompson - deep burgundy evening gown and wrap by Richard Tyler Couture

  • Phil Collins - green cashmere Versace blazer worn on his "Serious" tour

  • Trinny Woodall - beautiful Alice Temperley cream wool coat with dalmation print lining

  • Hugh Grant - brown suede Fratelli Rosetti jacket worn in Bridget Jones

  • Jemima Khan - exquisite Alice Temperley green silk dress

  • Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter crew t-shirt worn by the actor during the filming of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" and signed by the actor

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Grammys - Babydolls and a Poster for My Wall

Grammys, Fashion Week, British Fashion Week - boy its been a busy week.

I almost forgot to tell you about the great Valentine gifts I received.

I really love the red - hot pink sheer see through net baby doll.

Cute and playful sheer see thru net baby doll with padded under wired cups trimmed with satin contrasting colors, shocking pink ribbon tie front closure, and adjustable straps.

And matching g-string thong bikini. It's a great addition to my lingerie collection.

Grammys Fashion Roundup

Picture Links

Views from the Red Carpet

I just loved designer Susan Holmes sexy pink outfit as she accompanied Duff McKagan.

Supermodel Tyra Banks low cut gown - great cleavage.

Singer Sheryl Crow in a side cut gown exposing her belly button and string thong - interesting.

British singer Joss Stone arrived in a lacy flower-print gown and great high heel shoes.

Kanye West sports the most original hair design.

Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan daughter, in a uplifting strapless orange gown. Brooke Hogan has those great baby "doe" doll eyes.

For pictures from the Grammys see Grammys Photo coverage from Calendarlive

Additional pictures are on MTV Grammys Photo coverage.

I just love this mounted poster, it will go so well in the hallway.

The contrast between the black and pink is captivating.

This is a great fashion statement, and you know I love fashion.

The poster really fills the void on the hallway wall, making the hallway very inviting.

All that remains to be done is to set the lighting.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Seductive Black Fringe - Pics from Fashion Week

Keep your partner guessing as your fringe swings and sways mysteriously.

I can really put my dance moves to good use as I shimmy and shake - hiding and revealing the hidden treasures hidden within.

This is a really sexy outfit, great for entertaining in my boudoir.

The black fringe and matching black g-string thong creative a very seductive outfit

Let me entertain you.

Fashion Week -
Fall 2005
Reviews (continued)

Jennifer Lopez Fall Fashion Collection

More pictures from my favorite collection - Jennifer Lopez.
I just love the mini skirts, thigh high stocks and garter belts - more sexy fun fashion pictures from the Jennifer Lopez Collection in Pictures from Vogue.

Baby Phat Fall Fashion Collection

Mini - legs - stockings - club - dance and a couple of thong bottom outfits made this a hot show. See more pictures of Baby Phat Collection in Pictures.

Oakley Fall Fashion Collection

Oakley had a great combination - bikini outfits and boots. See the pictures at Oakley Collection in Pictures.

Reem Acra Fashion Collection

Reem Acra had a few very sexy see through blouses and dresses - very nice and sexy too. See the pictures at Oakley Collection in Pictures.

Joanna Mastroianni Fashion Collection

There was a great black brocaded shirt, some mini skirts and boots, and above the knee gowns at Joanna Mastroianni Fall Fashion Collection. See the pictures at Joanna Mastroiani Collection in Pictures.

Zang Toi Fashion Collection

Zang Toi had a lot of color in her line and I just love the models hair. See the pictures at Zang Toi Collection in Pictures.

Olympus - Fashion Weeks Sponsor

Visit Olympus the Official sponsor of Fashion Week for more pictures and movies from Fashion Week.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Flashing Breast or a Slip of the Dress

Flashing breast or a slip of the dress, you be the judge...

Anyway, I just love this picture from the Heatherette Fashion Show - The Living Dolls Collection 2005.

Heatherette really puts on a show and a little excitement on the runway really adds to it.

I really love the thigh high white boots.

For more observations on the show and more pictures visit Heatherette Fashion Show - The Living Dolls Collection 2005 by Miss Kitty.

Fashion Week -
Fall 2005

For those of you who can't get enough hot, sexy fashion; I will be providing links to the hottest show.

Be sure to add this column to your "My Page" in MSN or Yahoo so you can keep up. We have provided buttons for linking this column on the upper right hand side of this column - and both services are free.

You can also click on the little e-mail icon in the Comments section at the bottom right of this column, to e-mail this column to your friends.

Best Fashion Show

Jennifer Lopez Collection

The Jennifer Lopez Collection was my favorite - period. I loved everything - the short skirts, long legged models and the designs of each outfit - dazzling - captivating. I could wear them all. Jennifer Lopez Collection in Pictures

Hollywould Collection

I just loved the use of colors in this collection - lavenders, pinks and a course basic black. Hollywould Collection in Pictures

Anne Bowen Fashion Show

Anne Bowen had plenty of short skirts, lace see through skirts and slit skirts displaying plenty of leg.

Hey did you know when skirts are short the economy grows, when skirts are long the economy slows.
Anne Bowen Collection in Pictures

Diesel Fashion Show

Had several mini skirts with a frontal split skirt starting just above the knee also, several mini hot pants outfits. This is fall fashion - but I love it all. Hot fashions always made me hot. Diesel Collection in Pictures


I generally do not comment of gowns, but there were two shows of note. Anyway, most of the models in gown shows looked hot - alluring - sensual - romantic - compared to many of the other shows were the models looked disinterested - just waiting to run to the toilet and puck. No wonder there was a toilet manufacturer as a corporate sponsor.

Esteban Cortazar Fashion Show

Esteban Cortazar has some truly beautiful gowns in the collection and the models looked mesmeric compared to the models in most of the shows. It visually exciting to see models walking on a walkway covered in hay in high heels and long gowns - I hope they kepted the cows away. Esteban Cortazar Collection in Pictures

Heart Trust Fashion Show

Heart Trust is a another collection of gowns - especially if you like the color red. What is it about these gown shows - the models looked so beautiful - romantic - sensuous. Heart Trust Collection in Pictures

Parting Shot

New York wasn't the only place for fashion, last week.

I really love this picture from Paris.

The boots are fantastic, the legs look marveleous in tight fitting black leggings and the red mini skirt really gets my attention.

Now I know what Parisian models use the Eiffel Tower for - going up.

I am getting a bit behind on this column - at least it is firm and tight - ha!!! ha!!!!

Anyway, if you do not read this column by Valentine Day - I just want to wish all my readers a fantastic - hot - sensuous - romantic

Valentine Day

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Black Bustier - Super Bowl - Mardi Gras

I finally cleaned up after the Super Bowl Party.

Without Janet Jackson the halftime show wasn't so sexy, but I managed to put on my own Super Bowl half time lingerie show - and the guys just loved it.

My black lace bustier, black g-string thong, garter belts and black nylon stocking outfit was the hit of my lingerie half time event.

I just love garters and nylon stockings - they make my legs look so sensuous and nylon stockings are fun to put on - or take off.

I am not to much of a football fan, but I just love the tight ends.

Just love those back end shots when they are lined up and all bent over.

Makes you want reach out and touch someone.

Lingerie Bowl

To see highlights of the Lingerie Bowl - the all girls teams playing football in sexy lingerie go to Lingerie Bowl High Lights.

To see the Lingerie Bowl movie highlights. This is a big file and very slow loading, so you should have a high speed connection.

Mardi Gras - Carnival

Well the Mardi Gras - Carnivals are over.

These pictures are from our friends at Flickr, which is a great free site for hosting your pictures. Thought you all would love to see some of the sexy outs from Rio to New Orleans.

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Monday, February 7, 2005

Zebra - Rattlesnake Legs Electrify Fashion Week

From zebra legs to a rattlesnake look, legs will be in the spotlight as Fashion Week begins.

Thigh High Print Stockings - Purpe Rattlesnake

Purple Rattlesnake
Thigh High Printed Stocking

Sheer purple rattlesnake stay up stockings as seen on the left, dramatize the legs.

"The reptile printed fishnet has been surprisingly successful", commented Edward Miccinati design director for Stockingirl. "We're offering them in opaque tights, opaque leggings, sheer-to-waist pantyhose, sheer thigh highs stockings, and on fishnet."

Fishnet Stockings - Printed Blue Pinwheel

Printed Blue Pinwheel
Fishnet Stocking

The printed blue pinwheel print fishnet stockings pictured on the right engross the legs and enhances any outfit. The electrifying varieties of colors draw immediate attention to the legs.

Snake and reptilian prints have shown to be a popular fashion statement this season - on and off the runways.

"Hosiery is not just looked at as a fantasy item or accessory any longer."

Ultra Sheer Tiger Print Stockings

Tiger Print

Ultra Sheer Stockings

"Young girls and women are learning to see fashion leg wear not only as a highly wearable item, but an additional must-have apparel item to wear with their skirts, heels, and boots," says Edward Miccinati, design director for the line.

Because of Stockingirl's close relationship with top stylists and designers, the company will be introducing a number of authentic designer prints and patterns that will be featured on the runways for Heatherette, Baby Phat, Nicole Romano, Tamsen, Moschino, and Just Cavalli.

This season Stockingirl will come on strong by continuing its popular printed leg wear collections.

Ultra Sheer Stockings - Cheetah Print

Cheetah Print

Ultra Sheer Stockings

"We have only begun to show our creativity when it comes to the print market," remarks Miccinati. Stockingirl will carry over traditional styles, such as the well-received zebra sheer to the waist pantyhose (pictured below), ultra sheer cheetah print stockings (pictured right) and ultra sheer tiger print stockings (pictured above).

Will be exploring updated re-colored animal print looks in varying patterns for 2005.

Regal baroque and floral patterns will also continue to be signature Stockingirl leg wear styles, while venturing into both bright and subtlety soft color palettes.

Sheer to the Waist Pantyhose - Zebra Print


Sheer to the Waist Pantyhose

Patterning this upcoming season will in general be more feminine, more vivid, more intense, and more creative when it comes to overlaying and juxtaposing disparate motifs.

Paisley will be embossed over delicate floral and dotted and striped with stunning color mixes, chic phrases will be imprinted on a collage of cultural symbols and colorful swatches.

The embracing of rich colors, ethnic-inspired prints, ornate design and vivid washes will be the newest stylistic approach this upcoming season.

Stockingirl continually proves that any color is the new black when in comes to leg wear.

Though the company's color palette is already extensive, offering 26 colors in key styles, there will be a number of new colors making their way into their hosiery line, including: plum, sea foam, clover, and differing shades of turquoise.

Luxurious silk stockings as seen above are part of this sexy, sensuous stocking line.

One thing is sure - legs this year will be more colorful and attention grabbing them every.

Leg wear is walking onto the scene everywhere: beneath boho skirts, stuffed in furry boots, peaking out of snake-skin stilettos, or paired with woolen legwarmers.

See more leg wear, stocking, pantyhose at Stockingirl web site.

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Sky High Stiletto Heel Boots - Retro Fashions

I really created a very tantalizing outfit for a 60s theme party I am attending tonight. Push up gold lame halter top, mini skit and sky high stiletto boots.

These snug fitting black stiletto boots fit over the knee and are made in stretch patent p.u. 27 inch shaft height. Did you know that the shaft height is determined by measuring from the bottom of the sole to the very top of the boot. Well, now you do.

Skin tight black material make my legs look sooo voluptuous - don't you think?

Remember 70s - Barbaraella - Twiggie - Mod Fashion - Real Metal Dresses - now I know were the term heavy metal came from. Well, I found a great site with all things 70 - fashions - movies, etc.

I guest I am on a nostalgia trip, but I just love this poster. Black nylon stocking, garter belts, push up corset, bustier and high stiletto heel shoes. It looks great on my boudoir wall. The LOOK is enchanting. How could anyone resist a woman like this? Hummm. This is a look I would love to recreate. Seductive, sexy - beckoning - take me I am yours.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Great Legs and Firm Buns - Ruffles and Lace Panties

Six more weeks of winter according to Punxsutawney Phil!

Well, you know me, I can really melt the ice away in my sexy outfits.

After working out in the gym 3 days a week, I have really firm legs and tight buns.

Now, it time to show them off.

These ruffles and lace panties shorts are just the thing to draw attention to my firm buns and great legs, especially under a mini skirt or wrap around skit.

It really blows the guys minds, when the winds blows. I love the wind - and the glances from the guys.

Well, it is off to the clubs tonight to shake my booty.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Groundhog Day - Sexy Red Velvet Bustier

Will winter continue or will spring bloom - fashionable minds want to know?

According to legend, if our favorite groundhog Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather.

If he does not see his shadow, there will be an early spring.

What is our favorite groundhog - Punxsutawney Phil going to see?

Well you can see live Punxsutawney Phil live cams - you can even control the cameras!! or visit the official Groundhog site.

Until I know Punxsutawney Phil predictions, I will just continue my count down to Valentines day.

This stretch red velvet bustier adorned with metallic hearts, hook & eye back and adjustable straps/garters is the perfect . Red boa and red nylon stocking make a perfectly sexy outfit to entertain your lover or how about throwing a Valentines day party.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Sensuous Red Slip - Count Down to Valentines Day

Happy February. Time to begin fantasizing about all that sexy lingerie.

I am counting down the days to Valentines day.

Humm. This sexy red lace slip is really HOT!!!

I always remember how sensuous Rita Hayward looked when photographed in a slip for a pin-up photo. There is something about a slip that just oozes sensuality - don't you think?

This red lace slip is made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex.

An, it just the right ingredient for a ultra hot romantic evening. Now, what should I wear underneath - red low-rise string thong or a black low-rise string thong - or perhaps nothing at all.