Thursday, August 21, 2008

Creating a Red Carpet Look

Vivica A. Fox in purple bostier corset with gold chains and purple gloves.

Who will be the Glam God asks Vivica A. Fox

The Red Carpet Look is not just a natural look or a product of a celebrity's fairy godmother, but carefully crafted by a celebrity stylist.

From picking out that perfect gown, to all those accessories; the celebrity stylist carefully crafts the Red Carpet Look.

Together with super makeup artists and hair stylist, the celebrity is carefully and exquisitely transformed into that glamorous red carpet celebrity look by her stylist.

Glam and the Look have certainly been the focus of many reality type shows, from the search for the next top model to behind the scenes looks into a designer mind on Project Runway.

Stylist applies eye makeup to model
From hair and makeup, contestant stylist create a LOOK

Now there is a new fashionable reality series that focuses on the stylist, the person responsible for creating and modeling that Look for their celebrity clients.

Joining this list of glamour reality shows is Glam God with Vivica A. Fox, premiering on VH1, Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 10 pm et/pt in the states.

Glam God With Vivica A. Fox Preview

Over a period of eight episodes, each of the shows 12 stylist contestants will be asked to compete in various challenges that will test their knowledge of fashion and style trends as they create the perfect look for their client - from head to toe.

The stylists must be well versed in all areas of fashion and beauty as they bring their vision to life through hair, make-up and wardrobe.

Viewers will be treated to celebrity fashion and styling tips, as show host Vivica A. Fox critiques the contestants' creations, along with fellow judges Mel Bromi, West Coast Editor bureau chief of US Weekly, Celebrity Stylist Phillip Bloch.

Stylist adjust the model's gown and hair
Contestant Stylist Sculpture their Client's Look

Today's celebrity stylists can become superstars in their own right, for their fashion choices can catapult their celebrity clients onto the A-List.

Each week, the Glam God with Vivica A. Fox will be judging each of the stylist contestants - Look.

Will that look catapult their client onto the A-list or will a fashion disaster banquet them to the D-list.

Those stylists who make the grade will move up, while those who fail will be eliminated.

Model in black gown with styled hairdo
The Finished Look

Ultimately, the show hopes to discover the next Rachel Zoe, Phillip Bloch, or Robert Verdi - celebrity stylists that broker deals between the designers and their clients.

Definitely a must watch for all those viewers that want to create their own Red Carpet LOOK.

For more glimpses behind the scenes, just click on over to the Glam God.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sizzling Gossip Girl Ads

Blake Lively in black leg warmers and high heel stiletto shoes and Leighton Meester in red pantyhose and flats create a hip fashion duo

Blake Lively in black leg warmers and high heel stiletto shoes and Leighton Meester in red pantyhose and flats create a hip fashion duo.

If you thought that the summer was hot, just wait until you see the sizzling ad campaigns for fall television season.

Leading off the pack for sexy, provocative television ad campaigns is the Gossip Girl.

In a rapid sequence of flashy pictures, watch the flashbacks to some steamy OMG (oh my God) moments from the Gossip Girl.

From making out in the back of a bus to the sizzling sands of the Hampton beach, from beach bunny to life guard, the characters turn those summertime flings into enticing moments which will certainly create a lot of buzz for the new season.

The ad campaign focuses on those OMG moments that are sure to pique viewer interest and create buzz around the fan sites and social networks.

If there are not enough OMG moments in the television commercial, well The CW has put together a collection of the top ten Gossip Girl OMG moments.

Although Gossip Girl has not faired well in the rating, it still commands somewhat of a cult following.

Blake Lively in a yellow mini dress
Blake Lively as Serena van der Wodsen shopping in New York City's SOHO.

Based on a glossip blog narrative and trendy fashions the characters wear on the show, it is a definite hit with the trendy internet connected - cellphonic fashionable teen audience.

The main characters Serena van der Wodsen played by Bake Lively and Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester set the fashion tone in this trendy New York City based series.

One has to love the fashion looks of the Gossip Girl characters.

Leighton Meester in school girl outfit
Leighton Meester who plays Blair Waldorf in a sexy school girl outfit.

Whether its Blake Lively - Serena van der Wodsen character shopping in SOHO in a short yellow mini dress and gold jacket or Leighton Meester playing Blair Waldorf in a adorable school girl look complete with knee high black stockings, black belted mini skirt with bow, white cuffed shirt with black bowtie and yellow hairpiece that really sets off her wondrous shoulder length brown hair, these characters certainly bring teen fashions to tv.

Pictured together, these two leading characters present a very sexy, hip teen fashion look with Blake Lively over the knees leg warmers, pleated micro mini school girl skirt and pull over sweater and Leighton Meester bright red pantyhose, shorts, sweater top and strip jacket.

Gossip Girl is more than a trendy television series, it also focuses on fashion trends and looks that its teen audience will be wearing and shopping for at the mall.

So catch a few of those OMG moments in the season premier of the Gossip Girl on Monday September 1, 2008 at 8 pm edt 7 cdt in the states on The CW network.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

More Hot Short-Shorts

2008 Teen Choice Awards - Press Room

Miley Cyrus in shorts.

2008 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals

Jenna Dewan in shorts.

Some of our favorite teen idols love shorts as part of their fashion look.

At this year's Teen Choice Awards, actress - singer Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana wore a pair of cut off jeans shorts, blue t-top and ankle high boots.

Miley received Choice Awards for Music Female Artist, Actress Comedy: Miley Cyrus, "Hannah Montana" and TV Show Comedy: Hannah Montana.

Also looking sexy and hot in a pair of khaki shorts with matching stiletto open toe shoes and a white patterned off the shoulder top was actress Jenna Dewan.

Model in black and white short shorts and halter top

Booty Short Shorts.

Jenna recently played that part of Emma Carr the cheerleader coach, in Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal movie.

The original movie was based those sexy pictures posted by cheerleaders from the McKinney North High School in Texas on MySpace.

The original movie Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal, which primer on Lifetime network, became the network number one movie for female views between the ages of 12-34 year old with an average of over three million viewers.

Short-Shorts are Hot, Hot

Short Shorts can really bring attention to your hot, hot legs, and that certainly a big reason why I like them.

Plus they go with any kind of tops, from simple t-shirts, cut off, tied and so many other combinations.

I really love a pair of short shorts that draw attention to my booty while on the dance floor.

Model in Red Metallic Short Shorts and spandex top

Red Hot Metallic Bunhugger Short Shorts.

Whether on the dance floor or not, these very sexy striped booty short shorts are really hot, hot, hot!

These very low cut booty shorts with ties are a really hot, hot choice for clubbing.

Great for those hot little parties, too or to just look sexy at the mall.

Add, a pair of cowboy boots, and you can create a very hot look for summer into fall.

If you really want to shine on the dance room floor, then this very tight stretch metallic short shorts with bunhugger back is just the right choice.

Just watch the crowd faces as lights bounce off these very hot metallic red short shorts.

For those of you who have got it, flaunt it with these sizzling red hot metallic short shorts.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Wet Celebrities at the Beach

Model Bar Rafaeli in Red String Bikini

Model Bar Rafaeli enjoys the water

August is traditionally a vacation month for most of Europe, as common people and celebrities alike take to the beaches to enjoy the summer sun.

On the beach in St. Tropez, Victoria's Secret and Ralph Lauren model Bar Rafaeli enjoys the warm Mediterranea sea in a very hot, sexy red string bikini.

Bar is also the girlfriend of actor Leonardo DiCaprio and has been dating the star of Titanic since he ended his long term relationship with supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Leonardo DiCaprio has just finished a string of movies and is set to start filming Quentin Tarantino Inglorious Bastards alongside Brad Pitt later this year.

For the latest Bar Refaeli news and photos go to Bar Refaeli Fashion News Stories and Pictures.

Mischa Barton in red bikini bottoms and striped top

Mischa Barton catches an ocean wave

Meanwhile, in the states actress Mischa Barton was getting wet in the waves at Venice Beach in Los Angles.

Mischa also choose a red tied Brazilian bikini bottom coupled with a red, black, yellow striped bikini top.

Mischa spent her beachtime afternoon with her musician boyfried Taylor Locke.

Although summer is still in full swing, fall and all those great fall events and parties is just around the corner.

I really love modern technology, because I can enjoy the beach and still due some shopping on line on my laptop while sipping a Non Fat Caffe Latte, yep only 100 calories, at Starbucks.

What a life, when you can relax and still take advantage of all those great summer clothing sales going on now.

Animal Print Leopard Ankle High Boots

Leopard Spots Ankle Boots

I especially enjoy shopping for some great pairs of shoes for the fall, and I really love all those sexy, animal print ankle size boots for the fall.

This leopard print on a pair of Steve Madden ankle high boots is really eye catching.

I think the lace ties really focus attention on the boots and this pair has a decorative tassel tie also.

These ankle high boots will just go great with my suede wrap skirt or a pair of tight jeans or a denim jeans mini skirt.

Well, now that I have completed my shopping and latte, its time to head for the beach.

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