Monday, February 27, 2006

Hot Boots and Even Hotter Jessica Simpson

If there is anything that can spur the sale of cowboy boots it is definitely Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson Super Bowl Commercial by Pizza Hut

Jessica Simpson
Super Bowl Commercial
by Pizza Hut

From those cut off booty shorts and cowboy boots in
The Dukes of Hazzard
to the remake of the Nancy Sinatra song "These Boots Were Made for Walking" Jessica Simpson's hot legs and hotter dance steps have propelled cowboy boots back into the fashion scene.

I noticed in the past few months, boots and especially cowboy boots, have been popping up on the club floors from New York to Los Angeles, and I bet this trend will continue in the rest of the states and Europe too.

So what do you do if you want to create a hot Super Bowl commercial for the youth crowd? Well, if you are Pizza Hunt you change Boots to Bits and just add Jessica Simpson to the mix. Hum, OK!

We do like pizza; it's our favorite food between diets and those trips to the gym.

Anyway, the commercial begins with a family sitting at a table,
juxtapositioning a young teen boy with shots of Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson Boots and Pizza Too

Jessica Simpson
Boots and Pizza Too

The saloon doors fly open; the lights go up as Jessica Simpson dances into the scene in a short red mini dress, red-hot boots and pizza in hand.

I don't know how many Pizza Hunts have saloon doors, but maybe they are also worth reviving.

Anyway, I love the action and the cut always from Jessica Simpson dancing and singing to the young teenage actor's eyes-popping out.

We love Jessica Simpson, but I think the young teen actor's eyes roll at the end of the commercial wins the prize for mva - most valuable actor award.

If you don't like the original music, you can also remix the commercial, adding your own tracks - bits that is. You can also win an autographed pair of Jessica Simpson's red cowboy boots.


Hot Western Boots

Its seems like western style boots are popping up all over.

Western Style Cowboy Boots

Western Style
Cowboy Boots

From ultra hot Jessica Simpson to Jessica next door, western style boots are definitely in.

And why not, they are just great with wrap skirts, pencil skirts, jeans or mini skirts too.

I just love the look, and these imported Steve Madden pointy toe western style boots are super.

With leather, upper stitching details and 2 inch stacked heels.

Where is Tammy NYP - Singapore?

There seems to be an explosion of searches on the Technorati for Tammy NYP.

Seems , a college student in Singapore had some hot photos - videos uploaded to the internet a la Paris Hilton, however, none of the posts lead to any photos or solid information, so if anybody knows the real story, please post a comment.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Mile High Club - Looks Can Be Deceiving

Is this an ad for the mile high club or perhaps a commercial for the friendly skies?

Friendly Skies Super Bowl Commercial by Ameriquest

Friendly Skies
Super Bowl Commercial
by Ameriquest

Looks can be deceiving, and this is the premise behind this Super Bowl commercial from Ameriquest, which we rank as our second choice in the hottest Super Bowl ads category.

The Ameriquest Super Bowl commercial starts out innocently enough as a woman searches for the rest room on a darken airline cabin.

As she fumbles her way to the rest room, she falls on a male passenger.

The commotion prompts other passenger to awaken to the sight of the woman straddling the male passenger with her skirt raised up high.

The elements of surprise, suspense and hidden meanings make the Ameriquest Super Bowl commercial one of our favorites.

According to digital recorder maker TiVo, the top replayed Super Bowl commercials were from mortgage company Ameriquest, led by its "Friendly Skies" spot followed by the "That Killed Him" ad. Number-three was Budweiser's "Streaking Sheep", followed by FedEx's "Caveman" spot. TiVo's analysis is based on a sampling of 10,000 households..

More Chemise Please

Well, Valentine Day is almost here.

I just love a sexy outfit for Valentine Day and this chemise dress is really ultra sensuous.

Sexy Chemise Mini Dress with Satin Bows

Sexy Chemise Mini Dress with Satin Bows

Mini skirts are really great, since the display your legs.

After all those workouts in the gym, you can really show off your well-toned legs.

I adore little satin bows, and the little black satin bow on the bustier really draws attention to your cleavage.

An, another little satin bow just above your leg, draw attention to your legs.

This little mini dress is sheer and very sexy.

I just love to be dress in satin and bows - don't you?

Who Had the Sexiest, Hottest Gown at the Grammy?

The award for the sexiest, hottest gown at the Grammy Awards has to go to Teri Hatcher who arrived in sheer plum colored dress, so sheer in fact that you could see thru to the boy briefs she wore underneath the gown.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Hottest Super Bowl Commercials - Seductive Lingerie

What were the hottest Super Bowl ads?

Fierce Colors Stockings by StockinGirl

Faster than Light
The Strap Completes the Flight

Although the Super Bowl is over, the ads still live on.

Our vote for the hottest, sexiest ad has to go to for the strap commercial.

Our original story on last year GoDaddy ad being pulled after its first showing in last year's Super Bowl generated more chick throughs on the commercial than any other posting over the past 2 years and the number of click throughs on the commercial the day after this year's Super Bowl was more than triple Sexy Fashion Pictures one day click through rate.

Fierce Colors Stockings by StockinGirl

GoDaddy girl Cadice Michelle
Strap begins it's Flight

In fact, according to a posting on Bob Parsons -, founder and President, blog Hot Points "On Super Bowl Sunday, visits to the Go Daddy website were up by 880,000 visitors more than normal. On the following day, Monday, visits continued to be strong and were also up by 910,000 visitors more than normal."

It was down to the wire on this year ad, as 13 versions of the ad were submitted and turned down by ABC. Just days before the Super Bowl, version 14 of the ad was finally accepted.

Fierce Colors Stockings by StockinGirl

What a Flight

It's hard to tell whether the toned down version of the ad or the softness in filling ads slots in the Super Bowl, resulted in the showing of the ad.

The commercial was based on last year's ad who's second showing was pulled by FOX and again featured super busty GoDaddy spokes model Cadice Michelle.

Suspense begins as the GoDaddy girl Candice Michelle's ultra tight tank top strap begins to snap - one strand at a time. The action goes back and forth between the snapping strands and a government official. Sort of a High Noon showdown - as we count down the breaking strands of elastic and the government official - until the strap - pops.

Fierce Colors Stockings by StockinGirl

Fierce Colors
Stockings by StockinGirl

In case you missed the Super Bowl commercial, you can view both the final accepted version and the internet only version on line.

Sexy Lingerie for Valentine Day


This sexy sheer, black long gown with soft lace bustier top is really hot.

I just love the lace and the see thru material in this long gown is extremely sexy.

This is really a very seductive outfit - very hot and sensuous.

The matching black g-string really rounds out this outfit.

Yummy, what a treat for Valentine Day or any other days when you want to be seductively naughty but nice.

I just love sexy lingerie for Valentine Day, or any other day.

Stay tuned for more reviews on the hottest Super Bowl commercials and the hottest fashion news.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Colorful Nylon Stockings for Your Valentine

With only a few weeks left before Valentine Day, our attention is focused on ultra sexy stockings and lingerie.

Fierce Colors <br> Stockings by StockinGirl

Fierce Colors
Stockings by StockinGirl

Some of our favorites are the Pucci-inspired opaque tights from StockinGirl.

The Colors are fierce, but couldn't be more on cue with trends for this winter: ruby wine swirls paired with spiced pumpkin florals; Cobalt blue splashed with rattans and mosses; exaggerated glazed ginger daisies painted amidst Moroccan blue hues and soft umbers.

Edward Miccinati, Design Director for the line commented "We launched more geometric Pucci prints a few seasons back and they were a popular hit for us. This season, we felt we'd go with a more powerfully feminine touch, so we added swirls, soft flowing edges, big florals, but with contrasting color patterns."

Ultra Sheer Opaque Nylon Stockings

Ultra Sheer
Opaque Nylon Stockings

For women who may dream of prancin' in Pucci, but err with more traditional legwear prints, StockinGirl brings more signature looks to the scene in an array of autumnal colors.

"This fall and winter we stayed within a specific color palette: spiced oranges, gloxinia purple, and soft sienna were our principal favorites," comments Miccinati. As always, these colors are cleverly interwoven on ultra sheer and opaque nylon to form intricate patterning of paisleys, baroques, florals, and stripes.

This past summer, StockinGirl announced the opening of a new lingerie division within the company and continued their upbeat approach to legwear with a dashingly charming array of prints.

This Winter 05/Spring 06 proves to be no exception to the rule. "We did the lingerie for the Baby Phat runway under the tents this September and were inspired to bring some new lingerie looks into our collection," comments Edward Miccinati.

Signature Lingerie Lacy Black See Thru Bustier

Signature Lingerie
Lacy Black See Thru Bustier

StockinGirl's signature lingerie line continues to make a strong statement in traditional girl-style: feminine laces in pinks and blacks.

Lacy bustiers take center stage, definitely a look-definer when peeking out from under a suit, paired with jeans, or with ever-so-sexy sheer hosiery. And of course, StockinGirl takes the same styles and offers them in bras, garters, and panties.

StockinGirl also is offering some more racy styles deep from the heart of France, where lingerie runs supreme.

Sexy Wool Tights

Sexy Wool Tights

The Dramatique Collection offers Sheer black plunging bras that add extra definition to the d├ęcolletage and jewel-cut thongs that cut across the waist in dramatic triangulated shapes.

StockinGirl first offered their sheer nylon chemises and slips last season and will continue selling this successful line. Shirts come in three colors: winter white, pink, and black -- all with a little stretch, a little sheen, and a lot of sex appeal.

Back by popular demand -- a wider selection of imported Merino wool in tights, leggings, and over-the-knee socks ranging in chocolate, black, charcoal, and heather grey.

Colorful stockings <br> in bold colors

Colorful stockings
in bold colors

StockinGirl's extended collection of cable-knit and ribbed will be a surefire way to play with different textures and feels this season.

"The new over-the-knee socks are an essential addition to my winter wardrobe," comments Summer Rayne Oakes, spokesmodel for the brand line.

"Since they are in neutral colors, they wear well with a wide variety of printed tights and boots. You can really liven up a drab winter wardrobe and stand out among the legions of black trench coats and jeans."

For more articles on nylon stockings see our prior stories on Love Me Nylon Stockings, Secrets in Lace -"Keep the Romance Alive" and Stockingirl - Zebra - Rattlesnake Legs - Electrify Fashion Week.

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