Monday, November 30, 2009

Taylor Momsen - Sexy Fashion Icon and Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen plays plays Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Taylor Momsen plays plays Cindy Lou Who with Jim Carry as The Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Taylor Momsen was only three when she began her professional acting career, staring in a national commercial for Shake 'N' Bake.

At seven, she landed the staring role of Cindy Lou Who in the film How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Today, she is noted for her staring part as Jenny Humphrey in the trend setting television series the Gossip Girl.

She is also rocking us with her band The Pretty Restless combining her talents as a song writer, singer and a guitar player.

Taylor Momsen in back pull up stocking and garter belts, singing with her band The Pretty Restless
Taylor Momsen in back pull up stocking and garter belts, singing with her band The Pretty Restless

However, she excels as a very hot, fashion trendsetter.

On the set of the Gossip Girl, which films on the streets of New York City, Momson can be spotted wearing the latest fashions from sexy knee high stockings to a pair of very ripped and torn denim jeans.

She really looks great in hats and berets, and has certainly brought hats and berets back into the fashion spotlight.

Hats, caps and berets can really bring attention to the wearer face, especially if you have golden, long flowing hair like Momsen.

Not only are hats, caps and berets fashionable items, but they can really keep you warm on a cold day, since they keep in over 90 percent of the body heat that escapes through your hatless head.

Taylor Momsen even looks fashionable in a schoolgirl uniform complete with green pleated mini skirt and white blouse.

In fact, on the Gossip Girl she show us just how to add accessories to a ordinary school girl uniform to create a new fashionable look.

Taylor Momsen texting between takes in a pair of very sexy fishnet pantyhose and little black dress
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Taylor Momsen texting between takes in a pair of very sexy fishnet pantyhose and little black dress

Just by adding accessories such as a oversized bag, red sweater, leggings, to the basic school girl uniform can make a big difference and turn the schoolgirl uniform into a fashion statement.

She also been spotted in torn and ripped denim jeans and leggings.

Momsen also likes a pair of sexy short shorts denim jeans in the hot weather.

When she trades in her schoolgirl Gossip Girl look and takes on her rock and roll persona, Momsen also sports different looks.

She was spotted performing in New York City during Fashion Week in a pair of black, pull up stocking, garter belts, white silk see thru top and has also be spotted in a heavy metal look complete with ripped and torn black leggings, heavy necklaces and skull guitar.

So whether on the set of Gossip Girl or singing with her band The Pretty Restless, keep an eye on Taylor Momsen for a glimpse of the latest fashion trends.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Kim Kardashian - Sexy Blue Suede Thigh High Boots

Kim Kardashian trying on a blue suede thigh high boot
Kim Kardashian - one boot on - one shoe on

Joining other celebrities that love their sexy thigh high boots is reality star Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner were recently spotted shoe shopping a few days ago at Bourgeoisie in the Harlem section of New York City.

Following in the footsteps of other celebrities, Kim Kardashian eyes were focused on those sexy thigh high boots that seem to becoming a popular hot celebrity fashion trend.

Kim Kardashian shopping for a pair of black thigh high boots
Kim Kardashian shopping for a pair of black thigh high boots

Rihanna also likes her boots to be thigh high and she wore a a pair of black thigh boots during the taping of her new musical video Russian Roulette.

Super models Alessandra Ambrosio and Beatriz Barros were also sporting this hot fashion trend as they took to the cat walk in sexy thigh high boots and sexy lingerie during the taping of Victoria's Secret Lingerie Fashion Show.

As Kim tried on a very sexy designer blue suede thigh high boot, we could observe Kim in both a thigh high boot and a high heel shoe.

Hum, what looks better on Kim - those long thigh high blue suede boot or just her bare sexy legs in high heels?

It seems that Kim Kardashian loves long sexy thigh high boots.

She also had her eye on a pair of very sexy high heel black suede boots.

Well, this is one trend that we really like and we look forward to seeing Kim Kardashian in more sexy thigh high boots.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sexy Thigh High Boots - Lingerie at Victoria Secret's Show

Alessandra Ambrosio in thigh high liquid pink stockings, panties and bra with pink angle wings
Alessandra Ambrosio a Hot Pink Angle

Those very sexy looking thigh high boots and hot garter belts or suspender look turned up on the catwalk as Victoria's Secret taped their annual holiday lingerie fashion show.

Alessandra Ambrosio Hot Pink Angle

Taking to the runway in her very pink angle wings, super model and angle Alessandra Ambrosio wore a pair of bright pink liquid stockings with pink garter belts or suspenders.

Lacy pink panties and a pink push up bra added to this sexy look.

Long pink liquid gloves and streaming layers of pink material floated from her wings.

Ambrosio looked pretty in pink, with only sparkling silver strap shoes capturing the sparkle and glitter from the crystal lined catwalk.

Miranda Kerr in black bra, garter belt and thigh high boots.
Miranda Kerr Sexy Black Angle

Her well tanned body and flowing, wavy hair added to the beauty of the sexy lingerie.

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Miranda Kerr Sexy Black Angle

Miranda Kerr wore several outfits during the show, however the black sexy garter belt and bra had to be the sexiest.

Wearing thigh high velvet black boots and long black velvet gloves, angle Kerr looked angelically sexy on the runway.

She wore a lacy trimmed black push up bra and string thong, which exposed her firm booty as she turned and walked back down the runway.

Her wings were black in color with crystal and gold embellishments and she wore a very stunning gold necklace.

Beatriz Barros in silvery angle wings, silver white push up bra and panties
Beatriz Barros Sexy White Angle

Beatriz Barros Silvery White Angle

Beatriz Barros wore a white and silvery angle look, with a pinkish, off white push up bra and panties embellished with crystals.

She wore short white angle wings with long silvery material flowing down her arms. Silver earrings and silver necklace completed the hot sexy look.

Adding contrast to the theme was a big bow at her midriff and a pair of black thigh high boots to complete the look.

Victoria's Secret Holiday Lingerie Show

The Victoria's Secret show was taped in New York City at the Lexington Avenue Armory.

This year's telecast will feature music guest The Black Eyed Peas and will be hosted by super model Heidi Klum, who gave birth to a daughter just five weeks ago.

The show will air on the CBS network in the states on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 10 pm.

We will be bring you more behind the scenes coverage of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show before show time, so be sure to subscribe or check back soon.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marisa Miller Sexy Bikini Shoot

Stylist adjust Marisa Miller tied purple bikini bottom
Stylist adjust Marisa Miller tied bikini bottom.

What better way to heat up a chilly fall day than a hot bikini photo shoot?

Actually, in the world of fashion, swimsuits and bikini fashions, the seasons due a 180 degree turn.

When it's snowing in the northern part of the world, photographers, models, stylists and editors are busy photographing next season bikini and swimsuit lines down south.

One of our favorite bikini and fitness models, Marisa Miller was busy last month modeling the new Victoria Secret's swimwear line under the hot sun in Barthelemy, France.

Marisa Miller blue bikini and tanned body against the white sand and waves.
Marisa Miller blue bikini and tanned body against the white sand and waves.

A lot of preparation goes into creating an eye catching look in every shot.

The stylist has to carefully adjust Miller's bikini to ensure that the side tied bikini bottom fits and enhances Miller booty - plus looks sexy too.

Patterns, string tied bikinis in aqua, purple and darker colors seem to be popular in the upcoming Victoria Secret's collection and were featured during this photo shoot.

Marisa Miller is best know for her swimsuit and bikini modeling for Spots Illustrated and Victoria Secret's.

Marisa Miller tan bikini body in the surf.
Marisa Miller tan bikini body.

According to her blog, Marisa Miller is having another fabulous year.

She recently shot a campaign for Victoria Secret's which included a hot and sexy scene in which she roasted hot dogs in just a bra and undies.

Plus, she tells us some of her favorite beeper moments from each shoot - boy she really loves her job.

For all of you who love a sexy retro fashion look, Miller recently did a campaign for Harley Davidson were she recreated some amazing 40's pin up girl looks.

Lots of vintage bathing suit looks including authentic bathing suits from that time period.

In the behind the scenes video clip, Miller recreates an incredible number of sexy, vintage pin up girl looks - each one hotter and sexier than the first.

Thanks, Marisa Miller for warning up this winter's day.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Kelly Brook Sexy Calendar Girl Look

Kelly Brook uses buns for cover inthe play Calendar Girl
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Kelly Brook hot buns in the play Calendar Girl

Hot buns and a sexy model Kelly Brook, what a lovely way to start the day.

Calendar Girl Actress

For those of you who may not be familiar with Kelly Brook, she is a hot sexy model and actress who is taking on the both the theatre and movies too.

Recently, Brook took over the role of Celina Miss September from Jerry Hall in the West End Play - Calendar Girl.

The play is about a group of women who disrobe to raise money for a Leukemia charity.

Brook has a lot of fun in the part, using strategically placed pastries to shade her body on stage.

Kelly Brook uses a pair of water skies in red halter top string bikini
Kelly Brook filming a scene from the movie remake Piranha in 3D

Although she recently commented in an article that she sometimes forgets to hide her body behind some hot buns or a strategically placed jar of jam.

When that happened, the audience is treated to a peak at Brooks size 32E bust.

Kelly Brook 3D Movie

Brook has also been getting her feet wet in the movie business.

During the spring, Brook started filming her staring part in the 3D remake of the 1976 cult horror movie Piranha.

Kelly Brook riding a bike with wind blowing skirt up
Kelly Brook keeps in shape by bicycling

Yes, a genuine 3D horror movie, complete with sexy 3D bikini babes and 3D Piranha.

In addition to Kelly Brook, the film will star Riley Steele, Elizabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd, Jerry O'Connell and Richard Dreyfus.

The film concluded filming in June 2009 and is slated for March 2010 release.

Bikinis and Lingerie

This sexy model has done a lot of commercial swimwear, bikini, sportswear and hosiery modeling work.

The high point in her lingerie modeling may have been the 50 foot (15 m) high billboard of her bust for Triumph bras.

According to a Triumph spokesperson, the billboard was the largest billboard in the world.

Brook has also been included in lists of some of the sexiest women in the world, including being voted best British female body by Grazia magazine and appearing on FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World lists.

So keep your eye on Kelly Brook, a hot and sexy model and acrtress.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sexy Lace China Doll Models

2010 China Fashion Week S/S Collection
Model in black transparent top and lace white skirt

S/S Collections 2010 are being unveiled this week during China Spring and Summer 2010 fashion shows.

Sexy and sensuous fashion styles abound, with transparent sexy black lace and the braless look commanding center stage.

This sexy fashion trend was in evidence at many of the spring/summer collections.

At fashion week in New York we noted the trend in the following collections: Andy & Debb, Davidelfin, Michael Angel, Nicole Miller, Pamella Roland, ThreeASFOUR, This Day/Arise, Trias and Vena Cava.

2010 China Fashion Week S/S Collection
Model in a black see thru top and white lace petticoat skirt

At the Mark Cheung High Class Fashion Show 2010 at 2010 China Fashion Week S/S Collection on November 8, 2009 in Beijing, China several models wore black lace or mesh tops, with layers of white lace creating the skirt.

The creations combined sensuous black see thru material on the top worn by braless models.

2010 China Fashion Week S/S Collection
Model in a black see thru top and silver scraf

2010 China Fashion Week S/S Collection
Model blue velvet gown and embroidered top

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fashionable Ideas to Conquer the Recession

Tana Gabrielle Fitness Model in Micro String Bikini

Tana Gabrielle
Fitness Model
in Micro String Bikini

Wearing a t-shirt to make a living?

Well, one marketing executive has turned wearing a t-shirt with a logo into a well paying advertising business.

The idea is quite simple, yet very effective - wear a t-shirt with a company logo or ad message all day; video, photograph and blog about your daily activates and post them on all the social media sites - You Tube, Flickr and Twitter.

Charge a day rate for the date value in the year - $1 for January 1 and $365 for December 31, the 365 day of the year.

Can such a simple strategy work?

You bet, marketer Jason Sadler has already sold out all days in 2009, see the video clip.

Jason Sadler earns a living by wearing a t-shirt.

And, even in this down economy, he has been able to already book most of his t-shirt wearing days for next year, with the earliest open booking dates in July of 2010.

He also branched out into his own t-shirt line and his own web site

This story kind of reminds us of sexy fitness model Tana Gabrielle who turn her sexy cleavage into advertising space, a few years ago.

She became known as the walking "Body Billboard Babe" renting out space on her sexy cleavage for a temporary tattoo advertising banner.

So even in these trying times, some people have managed to turn an fashionable idea into a fashionable, profitable business.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sexy Celebrities Halloween Costumes

Katie Price in PVC cat woman costume with thigh high leggings and garter belts
Katie Price in a sexy cat woman Halloween costume

Celebrities donned their sexy outfits for this year's string of Halloween parties and events.

A very sexy look that was seen on several celebrities this Halloween including Katie Price aka Jordan, AnnaLynne McCord and LaToya Jackson were those sexy cat woman outfits.

Yes, the cat woman look was very popular because it can show off a lot of leg plus the cleavage enhancing bustier halter top puts their cleavage in the spotlight.

Furthermore, the cat woman costume goes great with another popular sexy trend that we are seeing - thigh high stocking and garter belts or suspenders.

Christina Ricci in white face mime makeup and strip top
Christina Ricci poses in a mime costume

Price really looked hot and wet in her glistening PVC red and black spotted top under a black tied corset top.

She completed the look with a long red with black leopard spots tail, black high heel stiletto shoes and a red mask with black leopard spots.

Price's makeup included the smokey cat eye look and blood red lips.

Katie Price celebrated Halloween with friends at the Bloodlust Ball held at the Hampton Court Palace in London, England.

Meanwhile in the states, 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord and her sisters' Angel and Rachel partied at the TABU Ultra Lounge inside the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

McCord wore a more traditional cat woman costume including zipped bustier top, black cape, large pattern fishnet pantyhose and a pair of black thigh high boots.

LaToya Jackson in red and orange wig and silver cat woman costume
LaToya Jackson in flaming red and orange wig and silver cat woman suite

She even wore a pair of red contact lenses to bring out her eyes and a cat woman black mask that exposed her long, blond curly hair to the world.

Face painting was also popular with celebrities this year.

Christina Ricci and her new boyfriend Curtis Buchana dress as a pair of mimes for a Halloween party in Miami, Florida.

Not only was Ricci white face with oversized eyebrows and eyeliner captivating, her pantomime routine was exciting.

She was able to strike a breathe taking pose and keep the expression for a period of time.

But for a blazing hot hairdo nothing can come close to LaToya Jackson towering orange and red hairdo.

Jackson spent Halloween serving milkshakes and posing with Michael Jackson impersonators.

Not only was she enjoying Halloween but also she was helping raise money for Aid Project LA by signing autographs at Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood on Halloween night.

Jackson sparkled in a form fitting silver metallic cat suite.

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