Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hot, Sexy Legs are Definitely In

Hot, sexy legs are definitely in - or should I say on display, as we enter the first official weekend of summer.

Black Daisey Mini Dress

I really love this hot sexy black daisy lace see through mini dress.

It's great for those summer parties or for dancing the night away at a hot club.

The guys will really flip over your great cleavage.

This short mini also accentuates your hot, sexy legs.

Boy, those days at the gym will really pay off when you wear this outfit out.

The only question is were the guys will focus their attention - your great cleavage or sexy, hot legs.

I always love playing eyes games.

Sheer Flower Lace Mini Dress

Just take a quick glance to the left or right and see were the guys eyes are focused.

Great way to break the ice. Try it and find out.

This is another hot, sexy black mini skirt for partying the night away.

I always love black - and this black flower lace see through mini dress is really hot.

Lace from hem to neck and under breasts with matching sexy g-string.

Super sexy and super sheer.

Black Leather Mini Dress

As you can tell, I really love the color black.

This hot leather mini dress is another knockout outfit.

The underwiring is really uplifting and puts your cleavage on display.

Super sexy outfit for clubbing.

Shake, rattle and roll, you will surely be in the spotlight.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Where do Dancers - Cheerleaders for the NBA, NFL go in the Off Season???

Where do all those sexy, hot dancers - cheerleaders for the NBA, NFL go during the off-season.

Tina Landon
renowned choreographer

Well, like their athletic counter parts, they head to summer camp.

This year they will be heading to Miami, to train with such renowned choreographers as Brian Friedmand and Tina Landon who has worked with Shakira, Britney Spears, Christina Aguliera, Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson.

Other world-class choreographers, who will be on the program, include Kimberly Baum, Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo, Marina and Mina Ortega, John Peters, Eddie Garcia, Cris Judd and Charles Kaplow.

These choreographers have worked with practically every leading sports franchise, entertainment channel and recording artist in the entertainment industry.

This will be the 7th summer boot camp for dancers organized by ProDance a company founded by Rosalyn Jones.

ProDance 2004
Dance Routine video

During Rosalyn Jones 11 years of directing and choreographing the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers, Rosalyn had always thought there should be a camp or convention specifically designed for pro sports dancers since the style of dance is highly specialized.

Furthermore, she felt there was a great need to bring together exceptional choreographers and industry experts to inspire and further develop these athletic and talented dancers in addition to providing support and networking opportunities for their directors.

In other words, ProDance was born out of a need.

Watch ProDance 2004
Hightlights video

TV commercials, music videos, and movies have continued to elevate dance and choreography to a pop culture art form and pro-sports dancers must continue to raise the bar to stay ahead of the game.

Being a professional sports dancer is a challenging, exciting and extremely high profile job.

The dancers perform in front of millions of sports fans that want to be entertained and see a great show.

"It's supply and demand", comments Jones.

"They're expected to be just as good, if not better, than the dancers you see in the media."

Based on its expanding popularity and increasing attendance rates, it's easy to see why ProDance is fast becoming the event for professional sports dancers representing the NBA, NFL, Arena Football, CFL, NFL Europe, and other professional sports teams.

Last year, over 45 pro-sports dance teams attended the convention in Las Vegas.

Many teams keep their summer calendars open to make sure they can attend.

They understand the profound impact it can have on their season.

Attendance at ProDance guarantees taking over 30 fully choreographed routines home to their respective franchises.

ProDance's manifesto is "to positively impact each participant by offering effective strategies to improve the overall entertainment value they bring to their respective organizations." They take each and every routine they
learn at ProDance back to their franchise and Rock the House.

It's professional sports entertainment at its finest.

ProDance 2005

ProDance 2005 will take place July 31 through August 3 at the Hyatt Regency and James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida.

More than 350 professional sports dancers from teams like the Orlando Magic, Minnesota Vikings, Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat and many more are expected to attend, making it, in the words of Jones,"our most exciting event yet". Teams from across the United States, Canada, and as far away as Scotland
will be taking part in the event.

For more information see
ProDance web site

Friday, May 20, 2005

Proms, Weddings - and Sexy, Hot Corsets are Coming

What is that sexy accessory that will be popping up at proms and wedding in the next few weeks.

Well,if you answered corsets - you hit the nail on the head.

Corset are a great sexy accessory and are a part of many prom and wedding dresses.

So today, I will focus on the sexy, hot corsets.

Jacquard Tapestry
Strapless Corset

This Jacquard Tapestry Strapless Corset with gorgeous Venice trim really helps control the waist line and extenuates the cleavage - more bounce to the ounce.

And, you know I love to bounce them - don't we all.

Great bustier top, waist cinching lace-up back, hook and eye front, removable, adjustable garters and thongs.

This is definitely a corset you don't want to conceal.

Wear it with a mini skit or a sexy, sheer see through blouse.

Definitely, a combination to turn heads.

Strapless Corset

I just love the feel of satin against my skin, it's so soft and sensuous feeling.

This is a corset to be seen in, looks great with a satin mini or wrap skirt.

Waist cinching lace up back.

Just add some sexy black stocking - you know the kind that guys flip over.

And, some sexy, hot black high heel stiletto shoes and you are sure to have a fun filled night.

Sexy Black
Vinyl Corset

This is the outfit to party in.

I just love this sexy, hot black vinyl corset.

The guys really love black garter belts and black stockings - hot - hot - hot.

With black sexy high heel stiletto shoes - with string ties that surround and extenuate the leg - wow.

Just add a mini or warp skit and you will definitely be the center of attraction. Now were is my whip!!!

Monday, May 9, 2005

Versatile Sexy Accessory - The Sarong

Looking for that versatile accessory that can turn your hot bikini in to a sensuous outfit for dinning or the clubs?

Still from the movie
Tie a Sarong.

Well, there is one essential accessory that can do this and a lot more - the sarong.

Sarongs can be used to create a short slit skirt, tied around the bust as a low cut long dress, as a bathing suit - bikini wrap or as blanket for use at the breach or pool side.

The uses for sarongs are as endless as your imagination.

With their versatility, sarongs are great for glamour photography - and the lightweight material - silk chiffon, rayon/cotton really captures light - great for back lit shots.

Tying Your Sarong

Although the varieties of design are endless, you might want some ideas on the best way to tie a sarong.

Still from the movie
Tying a Sarong.

We found a great site that offers a free movie on tying a sarong.

There are so many ways to tie a sarong, depending on your style and shape.

You can create your own length, with a few simple folds-something most swimsuit cover-ups on the market cannot do!

The best part about tying a sarong is the fabric's versatility: you don't have to wear it only one-way!

You can tie the sarong or pareo around your waist for an easy bathing suit wrap, a short sarong skirt, or around your neck as a long sarong dress, or lay on it while you relax on the beach or poolside as a sarong towel.

The uses for a sarong are endless!

Many people in the islands even use sarongs as table cloths, drapes, or bedspreads.

Sarongs are beautiful fabrics you can use in an infinite number of ways.

Tropical Trade Winds

We especially enjoy sites that are created by a woman and employ local artists.

Tropical Trade Winds does both.

Tropical Trade Winds creator, Julie Azares, commented that, "When we moved to Hawaii for school, we were immediately greeted with Aloha by a fantastic Hawaiian couple that taught us about the island life of fishing, eating, music, and cultural art. We both felt so welcomed by the people of Polynesia.

They taught us the true meaning of Aloha!

We want to share that same feeling with everyone that visits our store."

Azares says that her parent company, Tropical Trade Winds LLC, works closely with local artists and distributors from around the world to bring high-quality, "wearable art" to site patrons.
With an emphasis on customer service and Aloha, Tropical Hula Hut is poised for success in an online industry that has historically sold cheap, machine-manufactured cloth, labeled as sarongs.

Additionally, to honor the victims of the recent Tsunami, Tropical Trade Winds will donate a portion of each sale to help with the relief effort. Many sarongs sold by Tropical Hula Hut are hand crafted by talented artisans residing in areas of the world that were drastically affected by the recent Tsunami.

Sarong Care Tips

The site also offers tips for caring for your sarong.

Rayon/Cotton Sarong

A blend of synthetic textile fibers that is typically a heavier weighted fabric.

Rayon and cotton sarongs are wrinkle-resistant if hang dried.

Rayon and cotton sarongs are machine washable (gentle cycle).

We recommend hand washing the sarong before the first time you wear it, as the colors of the sarong may bleed.

Hang your sarongs to dry with fewer wrinkles than machine drying.

The sarong will get softer to the touch the more wear they get.

Silk (Chiffon) Sarong

A blend of synthetic textile fibers consisting typically of a soft, sheer, lightweight fabric.

The silk sarongs should be hand washed, or machine washed on a gentle cycle and hung dried or worn in the sun.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Lace Seams Stocks - Sex on E-Bay

It's warming up - and these seams stockings can really turn up the heat.

I just love stockings - especially ones with seams.

I don't know - but it seems seams attract a lot more
attention than plain stockings.

The guys really dig the seams - at least their eyes tend to be focused there, if I accidentally glance back.

OK. Maybe it's not accidental - you know I love to flirt.

The lace tops are real attention getters - when the breeze reveals more of my legs.

I just love a strong breeze - especially when guys are around.

Sex on E-Bay

We know a sexy woman can sell a product.

What's for sale???

And, now we are seeing sexy products or should we say sexy models with products on E-Bay.

Would you believe that this photo is offering a factory refurbished Akai MPC-3000 drum machine.

Well its seems that a sexy model in swimwear and stilettos can really spice up a product.

You can read the full story at theory.isthereason blog

Monday, May 2, 2005

Thongs - Editor's Choice and Sexy Model Gisele

Why are Brazilian woman, especially models so hot?

Gisele Bundchen
Sexy Brazilian Model

Maybe it's the sun drenched beaches, those micro string bikinis, or . . .

In the case of Gisele Bundchen it may be a little of everything.

Gisele was discovered in a shopping mall at age 14 and has since then appeared on the covers of Allure, Marie Claire, Vogue USA, Vogue Italia and Rolling Stone.

She has also been featured by such major fashion houses as: Bolce & Gabbana, Celine, Chloe, Gianfranco Ferre, Ralph Lauren, Versace and Valentino.

Although Gisele has certainly attained the title of super model, we may soon hear about one of her five sisters, as they are all aspiring models.

It's May - time to put a sexy bustier to go with those sexy summer outfits.

This velvet bustier features an attached underwired bra and lace-up in the front.

Hook and eye back.

Garters and shoulder straps are removable.

Matching lace panty, beaded necklace, and stockings included.

Editor's Choice Pages

We have more Editor's Choice pages on site.

As I mentioned in a pervious column, we have been reviewing the sexiest outfits we could
find from leading retailers on the net.

We have picked the 10 - 30 sexiest outfits in each category, and the results are now in.

So take a look - these are the Editor's Choices for:

There are a lot of pictures on each page, so it may take a while to load.

So sit back, relax and enjoy.