Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sexy Spooks Descend Upon Hollywood Hills

The Great Pumkin and Bunnies Christine Smith and Alison Waite

Credit: ARH / Splash News
The Great Pumkin and Bunnies Christine Smith and Alison Waite

From cemeteries to crypts, a lot of ghosts, goblins, spooks, specters, spirits will soon be descending upon those Hollywood hills.

But fear not, a bedeviling group of sexy, hot cheerleaders, nurses, schools girls, French Maids, bunnies, belly dancers, pirates will be on hand to defend the gates of Hollywood.

For once again, that spooky, sexy night known as Halloween will be descending upon Hollywood.

Already at the Playboy mansion, the mighty giant pumpkin stands guard against the ensuing tide of Halloween guests.

Cheerleader Kendra Wilkinson and Green Eyed Lady
Credit: ARH / Splash News
Cheerleader Kendra Wilkinson and Green Eyed Lady

Of course, this mightly giant pumpkin is not alone in its defense of the Playboy mansion, for two very sexy, bunnies Christine Smith and Alison Waite are there to back him up.

These two beautiful bunnies reminder us more of cheese cake rather than pumpkin pie, but that is a different story.

Meanwhile, sexy cheerleader Kendra Wilkinson and a long haired, green eyes lady from the low lands, will be protecting the forward gate.

In the meantime, zombies invaded a shopping center at Hollywood and Highland.

Sexy Dancing Zombie
Credit: Splash News
Sexy Dancing Zombie

The foot stomping and dancing zombies were there to help smash last years record for the most people dancing simultaneously to Michael Jackson "Thriller" pop hit.

Their performance help smash last year's record of 1,772 dancers who strutted their stuff to Thriller in 52 cities.

By nightfall, the tally of dancers was over 4,000 globally.

Setting a new record for dancing zombies on the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson cult classic hit "Thriller".

Thriller Zombie Dance Steps

With Halloween fast approaching, maybe it's time to brush up on your Zombie Dance Steps.

Yes, it is time to put some sexy moves in your Zombie booty groove.

So take a look back at the Michael Jackson's cult classic hit "Thriller" and a look at the Zombie dance steps.

Watch the video clip for some sexy Thriller like dance steps.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be His Belly Dancer

Beautiful Belly Dancer Costume with scarf in velvet

Jasmine Belly Dancer Costume

What could be more sensuous than a woman garbed in a Belly Dancer outfit.

For what is more compelling than to watch your body movements being extenuated through the movement of a veil or scarf.

Watch your guy as you shimmy and shake your booty to the beat of a drum.

Enhance the excitement with the movement of beads or the clinging of coins or a coin tied belt.

While modern belly dancing is based on popular middle eastern dance, today's familiar belly dancer costume was based on a harem fantasy vision of the belly dancer costume created by dancer - singer Cairo.

The modern day version of a belly dancer costume consists of a fitted top or bra embellished with beads, fringe or coins.

A fitted hip belt that may also be embellished with coins, fringe, beads or scarf(s) tied around the waist to highlight and enhance the movements of the hips.

Skirts are made of material or see through sheer mesh or gauze.

Brilliant red detailed Princess Fatima Costume

Princess Fatima Costume

In some cases, a viel may be worn to accent the body movements during the dance.

Looking for a sexy yet conservative belly dancer outfit.

The Jasmine belly dancer outfit is just the costume you have been looking for.

The balloon sheer transparent pants with panty attached have pink and purple sheers and gold coin trim.

Sexy see thru mesh genie costume

Exotic Genie costume

The best combination to capture your guys attention as you shimmy and shake to the sounds of clashing coins.

This belly dancer costume is topped off with a stretch halter purple velvet top with tie back top with gold coin trim.

Be sure to be in the spotlight as you show your guy you fancy veil work with the included sheer pink scarf.

If you demand attention to detail, intricate beadwork, tassels and a bright red look, than this Princess Fatima costume is an exquisite choice.

The costume itself includes sheer pantaloons with a sequined waistband and coordinated sequined top with chiffon sleeves.

Cuffs, stretchy panties and a chiffon veil complete this amazing costume.

Since this is a custom made costume you will not have it in time for Halloween. However, it is certainly a very hot and sexy look for dancers and performers.

If you are really daring, than this Exotic Genie costume is just for you.

This very sexy costume is made of see through mesh and includes a tube top, cropped vest, pants, scarf and thong.

The costume includes silver trimming and tassels accents for those who dare.

Sexy Halloween Photo Shoot

Ever wanted to go behind the scenes of a hot Halloween costume photo shoot.

Well, here is your Halloween treat - a behind the scenes look at a very sexy Halloween costume photo shoot.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sexy Hot Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Red Betty Boop Costume with wig

Betty Boop Plus Size Costume

Now, all you bbw - big beautiful women can strut you stuff in some very hot and sexy Halloween costumes.

For years, the choice in costumes for the plus size woman was rather limited, but not any more.

The new lines of sexy hot costumes for plus size women are being designed for plus size woman and modeled by plus size models.

Not merely larger versions of regular size costumes, but costumes designed to show off the plus size gals figure to its best advantage.

For those plus size woman, with blossoming bosoms that we find so endearing and enchanting, the costume designers have created sexy wench costumes that captures the classical renaissance woman look.

You know, those peasant blouses with elastic top that can display as much cleavage as you dare.

Plus Size Mouse costume

Sexy Mouse Plus Size Mouse

Always, a sexy look, especially on the ample bosom of a plus size women.

Do you dream of becoming a hot movie siren?

Well, this very sexy Betty Boop plus size costume is just for you.

The sizzling red gown has a thigh high slit to show a bit of leg, a contoured bodice that emphasis your cleavage and that sexy Betty Boop hairdo created for you in a wig.

Boop boop a doop!

Of course, if you fantasize about your favorite childhood characters, this sexy Minni Mouse plus size costume is really great choice.

The stretch spandex mini dress comes with a built in petticoat to maintain that sexy, flared skirt look. Also included in this very hot mouse costume is a black belt and special headpiece with mouse ears.

Great plus size costume to mouse around in or for some great cheesecake photos.

Plus Size 70s Disco Outfit

'70's Disco Mini Dress Plus Size

It seems like dancing and dancers are taking over the tele.

Any why not, everyone loves a sexy dancer.

So why not dress as a sexy 70's disco babe?

This very sexy '70's disco babe costume includes a very colorful and alluring printed stretch dress.

Also included with this costume are matching headband, earrings and belt.

Just add a pair of sexy fishnet stockings and go go boots to complete this very sexy outfit.

With the bright, vivid colors of this stretched mini dress, you will be wearing this outfit well after Halloween.

Britney Spears Back on Top

From sizzling office dance number, to sexy waitress costume, Britney Spears is back and as sexy as ever.

Just take a look at the sexy new Britney Spears music video clip - Womanizer.

Be sure to visit the Britney Spears Fashion News page, for a glimpse of many more of Britney Spears sexy and unique outfits.

If you cannot see the video or photos in your E-mail or news reader, just go to Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cat Woman Claws Batman

Black leatherlike pants with faux tears

Catwoman Costume

It was certainly the year of the Bat as in Batman the movie.

But will it be the year of the Cat as in purring, sexy and feline in the quest for the sexiest super hero costume for Halloween.

We all remember how hot and sexy Halle Berry was playing the part of Catwoman.

Remember the skin tight jumpsuit she wore.

That very tight halter bra top that really enhanced her cleavage, with bare midriff and those skin tight pants with revealing slits.

Sexy Kitty Cat Costume with Bikini Top,

Sexy Kitty Cat Costume

Of course, you remember that catwoman mask that hide her head and yet, drew attention to her haunting eyes and full bodied lips.

Yes, the catwoman outfit was really sexy and it is captured today in an officially licensed catwoman costume.

For those of you who prefer that more feminine and feline look - purring with excitement - this sexy little kitty cat costume is just what you have been searching for.

The uplifting, triangle bra top is just made to display you cleavage to a tee.

The mini skirt with side slit is really sexy indeed and highlights your exposed midriff.

The best looking Batman suit ever

Batman Latex Suit

The mask, gloves and tie, complete this very sexy kitty cat costume.

In this sexy cat costume, you are sure to hear the male cats purrrrr.

For the guy hunks, the Batman Dark Knight Latex Suit captures the Batman look to a tie.

All pieces with the exception of the cape, shirt and pants are made of latex that tie into place for that authentic Batman look.

Included in this deluxe Batman Latex Suit are the chest piece, boot tops, cowling, gloves, belt, cod piece, cape, cloth shirt and pants.

If your hunk of a guy always wanted to be Batman, well now he can.

Sexiest Woman Alive

Who is the sexiest woman alive???

Well according to Esquire the title goes to Halle Berry.

See why Esquire chose Halle Berry, former Catwoman, as the Sexiest Woman Alive in the video tape.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Sexy French Maids and Hot Hunk Butlers

Frisky French Maid

Frisky French Maid Costume

Why do we find a French Maid so sexy?

Perhaps it's that lacey, blossoming petticoat under her short lacey mini skirt.

Or, perhaps it's her black nylon stockings or fishnet stockings and garter belt that intrigues us.

Of course, the sound of her high heel stiletto shoes against the bare wooden floors can create a hot beat.

Conceivably, we just enjoy watching her as she cleans around the house.

Catching glimpses of her flowering petticoat as she bends over to dusk the table or chairs.

Maybe, we enjoy catching a glimpse of her cleavage that her low cut decolletage reveals as she bends over to straighten out the room or whisks away the dirt with her feather duster.

French Main Costume, Fishnet Stockings and High Heel Stiletto Shoes

Fi Fi, the French Maid

Or perhaps, we just enjoy the way that she folds down the bed sheets and leaves a chocolate kiss on our pillow.

Whatever the reasons, the French Maid outfit is a very sexy look for Halloween or, for that matter, any time of year.

It's always great to have a sexy maid around the house, especially someone who can help you with your French lessons, - oui, oui.

Well, this sexy frisky French Maid costume is just the right outfit to tease the master or perhaps that hunk of a butler.

The outfit is made of stretch lycra that really hugs your body.

Also included in this frisky French Maid costume is a stretch lycra mini dress with apron, collar, headpiece, gloves and crinoline.

All in all, a very sexy French maid look.

Or perhaps, you want to look your sexy best, without being too revealing.

Then, Fi Fi the French Maid outfit may be just the outfit you are looking for.

Male Butler Outfit

Male Butler Outfit

It includes a French maid dress, with lace up, corest style front that will enhance your cleavage without revealing too much.

Also included in the costume is a petticoat to enhance and embellish the mini skirt, black choker and white French maid headpiece.

A very hot outfit, yet not too revealing.

And, of course, we can't forget your sexy boyfriend.

You know, the one who is always working out at the gym with that great physique.

So, for your hunk of a boyfriend, we have just the outfit to show off his well formed abs and chest.

This very hot male butler outfit for your hunk of a man comes with thong, cuffs and a bow tie neckpiece.

Sorry, girls you will have to supply your own hunk.

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